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Towns in the Soča Valley and the Surroundings

The Soča Valley will enthuse you with its incredible natural environment, idyllic alpine villages, and the pleasant hustle of small hospitable towns.

The towns in the Soča Valley are some of the most famous tourist towns in Slovenia. Curious historians, admirers, and explorers of nature, seekers of good tastes, and lovers of various music genres will enjoy this location.

View of the town of Bovec and the village of Čezsoča, between which the river Soča flows, in the background the local mountains Bovec basin, ©David Štulc Zornik


Paradise for Active Holidays

Bovec, a small town at the threshold of Triglav National Park, surrounded by the high peaks of the Julian Alps, the centre of outdoor activities, is particularly inviting with a colourful array of sports adventures. Take the time for a pleasant lunch in a domestic inn, taste the popular bovški krafi (sweet dumplings with pears, apples, walnuts, raisins, and cinnamon), and sit in the lively Bovec Square, which turns into a scene of entertaining events in the evening. Take a walk to the Virje Waterfall and follow the route of the Isonzo Front and visit various outdoor museums.

See the nearby Trenta with Lepena, a picturesque valley of Triglav National Park, which is a showcase of lonely farms, a harsh past, and indescribably charming natural pearls, among which the Source of the River Sočathe Great Soča Gorge, and the Šunik Water Grove stand out. Here, Julius Kugy is proudly admiring the great Mount Jalovec.

Visit Log pod Mangartom, an idyllic little alpine village under the 5 kilometres wide and over 1000 metres tall ridge of Loška stena (the Log Cliff). The view from Log usually stops at Mangart, a mountain to which a breathtaking panoramic road climbs, which is also the highest lying mountain road in Slovenia.

If you love holidays near water, Čezsoča will excite you with incredible access to the gravel riverbanks of the River Soča. Only a shot away, at the confluence of the Soča and Koritnica, lies Vodenca, the crossroads of four popular camps. When you will want to escape the lively tourist pulse, try exploring smaller villages, such as Plužna, Kal-Koritnica, Žaga, and Srpenica.

View of the town of Kobarid illuminated by the sun, in the background the local mountains Kobarid basin, ©Jošt Gantar


Heritage Trails of the First World War

Kobarid is a historic town beneath the picturesque Krn mountain range (2244 m), where the tough and bloody battles at the Isonzo Front raged. Take a walk on the Kobarid historic route, visit Tonovcov grad, the mysterious Kozjak Waterfall, the famous Kobarid Museum, the best European museum of 1993, and take a peek in the Cheesemaking Museum.

If you love good tastes, you will surely find the best indulgence for your tastebuds, since Kobarid boasts many excellent restaurants. Furthermore, Ana Roš, the world’s best female chef in 2017, creates her dishes in Kobarid.

In the summer months refresh yourself in the River Nadiža, take a peek in the Breginjski kot (the Breginj Combe) and the romantic Drežnica, then head towards Tolmin via the Livški greben (the Livek Ridge), which offers great views. Look at the sky every now and then and, and if the weather is favourable, you may see paragliders.

View of the confluence of the Soča and Tolminka rivers, in the background the town of Tolmin and the local mountains Tolmin basin, ©Jošt Gantar


Festival Town at the Threshold of the Julian Alps

Tolmin is the biggest settlement and the management centre of the Soča Valley. Each year it hosts a lively pulse of music, dance, and sports festivals. At the confluence of the Soča and Tolminka, fans of metal, rock, reggae, pop, alternative, and Oberkrainer music gather.

If you love history and cultural heritage, be sure to see the Tolmin Museum and the nearby Javorca with its Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit, which was placed on the list of European heritage in 2006. Not far from here are the famous Tolmin Gorges, the lowest entry point of Triglav National Park.

In the surroundings, visit Most na Soči and row on the emerald lake, the alpine village Čadrg, where a hundred-year-old tradition of cheesemaking has been kept, the Šentviška planota (Šentvid Plateau), which offers beautiful views, or take a heritage train on the old railroad through Baška grapa.

View of the town of Kanal past which the river Soča flows Kanal ob Soči, ©Jošt Gantar


A picturesque medieval town with a rich cultural heritage

Kanal, a medieval town in the middle Soča valley offers plenty of opportunities for recreation, relaxation, excursions, cycling, hiking, hunting, fishing, swimming. Through these activities you will discover unspoiled corners of nature, the remnants of the First World War, the rich natural and sacral heritage of the countryside and enjoy the beautiful views of the Julian Alps, Venice and Friuli.

The town boasts a rich cultural heritage. In the old town, you will be enchanted by the picturesque Kontrada Square with the Gothic and Kolar House, the gallery and the memorial room of the painter and graphic artist Riko Debenjak. In the summer months, you can enjoy concerts, theater performances and other events. Don’t miss the 1815 Neptune Fountain in the heart of the city.

If you walk across the famous bridge over the Soča, you can visit the Keramost Gallery on the right bank of the river. Next, the path will take you to Pečno Park. There is a circular hiking trail with a viewpoint on the Channel, Form live and a mountain bike trail for adrenaline enthusiasts.


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