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Buški krafi (Bovec pockets) is a delicious dessert with Bovec pears that was traditionally eaten by locals on Christmas Eve.

The pockets are cooked in salted water and served with a dressing of melted butter, cinnamon and fried breadcrumbs.

While the recipes differ somewhat, they all have one thing in common: kloce (dried pears).

How to make buški krafi:

Boil and mash some kloce (dried pears) to thicken the bulja (filling). Add corn meal, fried onion, ground bure (walnuts) and cvejbe (raisins). Stir in some sugar and a splash of rum. Scald the dough, form pockets and fill them with the bulja.

kloce - dried pearsKloce, ©Metka Belingar

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