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The valley of the most beautiful Slovenian river and the peaks of the Julian Alps invite you into their embrace: on excursions, hiking and cycling tours, sightseeing and carefree lounging by the emerald pools. They invite you to an experience that creates unforgettable memories. Road congestion and noise do not belong in this sensitive natural environment, which falls under the auspices of the Julian Alps biosphere area.

In order to reduce the traffic load, take advantage of the summer offer of public transport in the Soča Valley.

Check out the rich list of Hop-on Hop-offs and Shuttle connections and other (cross-border) lines:


Map of bus lines   (lines 2024 in preparation)


The karst source of the emerald river Soča, which is reached with the help of a steel cable. Soča source, ©Jošt Gantar

Bus line to the SOČA SOURCE


​The bus line from Bovec to the source of the Soča River is operating again from 18 May. In May, only one return trip at 9:30. As of June 1, more trips per day will begin, including to Kranjska Gora. We will provide additional information about this.

Runs every day from 18. 5. to 30. 9. 2024

When we reach the Mlinarica car park by bus, a 1-hour walk to the source of the Soča follows. We recommend hiking shoes.

Bovec 09:30 | 11:08
Kal-Koritnica 09:36 | 11:02
Lepena junction 09:43 | 10:55
Soča village 09:46 | 10:52
Trenta • Info Centre 10:00 | 10:38
Soče source • parking Mlinarica 10:08 | 10:30


The source of the Soča River
One of the most beautiful and the cleanest karstic water sources in the Julian Alps is the birthplace of the daughter of mountains, the majestic Soča River.
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Soča Trail
The Soča Trail is a nature trail taking visitors to the Triglav National Park along the Soča river from its source towards Bovec.
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Zapotok Waterfalls
The Suhi potok Stream creates wonderful waterfalls hidden in the embrace of the gable end of the Zadnja Trenta Valley. You can reach and admire them after an hour of easy walking from the cottage at the source of the Soča River.
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Alpinum Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden
Walk through the oldest alpine botanical garden in Slovenia and feel the kingdom of the alpine flora in one spot.
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Dom Trenta, Museum and TNP Info Centre
Visit the Trenta museum and the Triglav National Park Information Centre.
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