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Soča Valley received the Slovenia Green Destination Gold label in 2020, proving that our tourism is being developed in accordance with principles of sustainability. At the same time, the label demonstrates our green commitment to improvement and responsible behaviour for the benefit of future generations.

Read about the sustainable achievements of the Soča Valley in the last three years in the Sustainability Report.


Be a part of the green story of the Soča Valley

Slow down your pace and experience the Soča Valley from up close. Visit it as guests and make sure that everyone feels pleasant.

Travel responsibly.



Living greenly.



Consider the future.



Respect the local.


An old homestead with a wooden roof, in the background the Julian AlpsTrenta, Triglav National Park, ©Jošt Gantar

A considerable part of the destination lies within the Triglav national Park (the only national park in Slovenia) and Natura 2000 (European network of special protected areas). The entire destination lies within the Julian Alps biosphere area, which has been a part of the internationally important biosphere reserves for more than twenty years as per the Human and Biosphere Program of UNESCO.

All of this is a testimony of great biodiversity and a rich natural and historical heritage. Because tourism is one of the most important economic sectors in the Soča Valley, sustainable development should not be a question allowing choice, but a requirement dictated by demand and increasingly limited natural resources.


Green Scheme of Slovenian tourism

The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism is a tool developed at the national level and a certification programme that carries out tasks under the SLOVENIA GREEN umbrella brand.

Read more about Green Scheme of Slovenian tourism >


Green_Safe_znak.pngSoča Valley Tourism has been awarded the GREEN&SAFE label, which denotes high hygienic travel standards and protocols in tourism. By acting responsibly and sustainably, we are increasing guest confidence that we are a green and safe tourist destination.

Find out more about responsible, green and safe tourism >


slovenia_green_park.pngTriglav National Park, a part of which lies in the Soča Valley, received the Slovenia Green Park label already in 2017.


slovenia_green_accommodation.pngThere are already nine tourist accommodation providers in the Soča Valley holding the Slovenia Green Accommodation label:

Service providers

Chalet Astra Montana

Poljubinj 6a, 5220 Tolmin

T: 05 381 0 155

M: 031 376 749



Nature View House

Poljubinj 24 r, 5220 Tolmin

M: 031 735 560



Nebesa Chalets

Livek 39, 5222 Kobarid

M: 041 769 484



Hotel Alp Bovec

Hotel Alp

Trg golobarskih žrtev 48, 5230 Bovec

T: 05 38 84 000



Hotel Dvorec Tolmin

Hotel Dvorec

Mestni trg 3, 5220 Tolmin

T: 05 382 11 00



Camp Korita

Soča 38, 5232 Soča

T: 05 388 93 22

M: 051 645 677



Škvor Homestead

Robidišče 8, 5223 Breginj

T: 031 345 958

M: 030 714 108

M: 041 388 712



Eco Penzion Kobala

Poljubinj 6a, 5220 Tolmin

M: 031 376 749



Kamp Koren Kobarid

Ladra 1b, 5222 Kobarid

T: 05 3891311

M: 041 371 229



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