Tourist brochure Soca Valley

Tourist brochure Soča Valley

The Soča Valley tourist leaflet with thirty key sights and a map.

Soča Valley cover

Soča Valley

Bovec • Kobarid • Tolmin • Kanal • Brda • Nova Gorica

Tolmin Gorges

Tolmin Gorges

The Tolmin gorges are the lowest and southernmost entry point into the Triglav National Park and Tolmin’s most important sight of nature.

Javorca 2013

Javorca, memorial Church of the Holy Spirit

High above the stream of the Tolminka rises a wooden shrine – the Memorial Church in Javorca.

VIRJE-Kaninski izviri in slapovi Virje Glijun Boka-1

VIRJE - Springs and Waterfalls of Mt Kanin: Virje, Glijun, Boka

Livek cover

Livek story - Themed Trail

LIVEK is the center of the villages under Matajur and Kuk and the crossroads of roads leading to Kobarid, Čedad, and Goriška Brda.

LOM JE MOJ DOM − Krožna pohodniška pot-1

LOM IS MY HOME − Circular Hiking Trail

Above the confluence of the Soča and Idrijca rivers, the Banjšice Plateau rises to the south. At its most northwestern part you can find a dry valley whose slopes are populated with small and large groups of houses that form the villages of KANALSKI and TOLMINSKI LOM, while across the ridge, above the dry Čepovan valley, you can find a small village of GRUDNICA. This is the area of Lom.

The Kobarid historical trail_cover

The Kobarid Historical Trail

The Kobarid historical trail links places around Kobarid, where important historical, cultural and natural monuments can be seen. The trail is 5 km long.

The Soča Trail_cover

The Soča Trail

The Soča Trail (Soška pot), the first nature trail to be created in Triglav National Park runs along the Soča river from its source to the town of Bovec.

Dreznica 2012

Drežnica and its surroundings

The Drežnica area lies at the foot of the western side of Mountain Krn, surrounded by continuous range of mountains and hills.

Breginjski kot 2014

Breginjski kot and the Nadiža river

In westernmost Slovenia lies the valley of Breginjski Kot.

Folder Šentviška Planota_cover

Šentviška planota

The vast pre-alpine plateau in the triangle between Baška grapa, the valley of Idrijca river and the Cerkno hills excels in picturesque scenery, and boasts a series of ethnological monuments.

Baška grapa

Baška grapa

Baška grapa and its gorgeous scenery are perfect for hiking, thanks to a multitude of trails many old routes connect picturesque villages.

Idrsko Historical Trail_cover

Idrsko Historical Trail

The trail leads from the town of Kobarid along the cultivated fields, past the watery Idrija stream and through the village of Idrsko.

Kanal cultural road through Kanal

Kanal - Cultural road through Kanal

The Municipality of Kanal ob Soči is situated in Western Slovenia, in the Central Soča Valley at the border with Italy. The heart of the Municipality is Kanal, a small medieval town with a rich cultural heritage, surrounded by natural beauties.

Park Pečno

Park Pečno

Park Pečno is not an ordinary park, but a rather special, magical place where the natural forest, art, and sport intertwine.

Julian Alps_cover

Julian Alps

This publication includes images and texts introducing Alpine peaks and green hills, mysterious caves, and therapeutic water springs. Look through Alpine towns and villages, possibilities for an active holiday, tips for trips, culinary delights, and study a helpful map.


Boka Waterfall

The highest Slovene waterfall.

Slap Virje_naslovnica

Waterfall Virje and the spring of Glijun

The secret trails of the Kanin karst waters.


Adriabike - Cycling route

Emerald cycling trails_map

Emerald Cycling Trails

Emerald cycling trails

Guide - Emerald Cycling Trails


Biking trails Bovec

Climbing walls Smaragdna pot_cover

Rock and wall climbing - Emerald trail

Sport climbing.

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Paragliding with outstanding thermals and unforgettable panoramic views offers long cross-country flying above the Julian Alps.

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Tolmin cuisine_cover

Tolmin cuisine

Traditional and Modern Flavours.

The Kobarid gastronomic circle_cover

The Kobarid gastronomic circle

\"De honesta voluptate et valetudine«- on true pleasure and good health, or even better \"true pleasure is good health\".

The Bohinj railway

The Bohinj Railway

Pearls of the iron road.

10 emeralds_cover

10 Emeralds

Idrija • Cerkno • Tolmin • Kobarid • Bovec

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EDEN The Soča Valley_cover

EDEN Soča Valley

European Destination of Excellence in Slovenia.

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The emerald trail_cover

The Emerald trail

The Soca river basin is an expansive and diverse land. It stretches from the Alpine north to the lowlands in the lower reaches of the river, and also takes in the Idrijca and Vipava valleys.

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Izjemna drevesa_naslovnica

Exceptional trees of the Northern Littoral

Mythical ties between past and future.

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The Bovec panorama_cover

Bovec panorama

The Bovec mountain panorama and gravel teracce.

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Golf in Bovec_naslovnica

Golf in Bovec

Cultural wealth_cover

Top heritage Bovec

The main attractions of Bovec cultural heritage.

Flower power_cover

Flower power

Medicinal and poisonous plants.

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Our cultural wealth_cover

Bovec, our cultural wealth

Intangible cultural heritage is the soul of a region.

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Soča plovba_naslovnica

Water activities on Soča river

Water - Adventure - Sport

Na Most po krepkost_naslovnica

The Water-Energy Trail

The secrets of living water.

Timetable in Alps 2019-1

Timetables in the Alps

The count\'s water

The secrets of living water - The Count's Water

Javorca 2013

Javorca, Szentlélek emléktemplom

Magasan a Tolminka folyó medre felett emelkedik egy fából készült SZENTÉLY – A SZENTLÉLEK EMLÉKTEMPLOM A JAVORCÁBAN (szlov. Javorca).

Z avtobusom po Julijskih Alpah

By bus around the Julian Alps

Bled | Bohinj | Brda | Dolina Soče | Gorje | Kranjska Gora | Jesenice | Radovljica | Žirovnica

Katalog ponudnikov

Catalogue of tourist providers Kobarid and Tolmin

Catalogue of tourist providers Soča Valley: Kobarid and Tolmin

Catalogue of turism service providers, Bovec_cover

Catalogue of tourist providers Bovec

Bovec • Plužna • Čezsoča • Vodenca • Log pod Mangartom • Strmec • Kal-Koritnica • Soča • Trenta • Log Čezsoški • Žaga • Srpenica

Kanal muzejske zbirke

Kanal - Collections between the Alps and the Karst

The cultural heritage - Collections between the Alps and the Karst.