Outdoor Museums

In each corner of the Soča Valley an indelible memory of World War I rests.

Outdoor museums tell the unique stories, written by the Isonzo Front. Caverns, trenches, churches, trails, bridle paths, hills and cemeteries carry messages, which will teach you how to see, understand and respect.

Outdoor Museums Are Part of the Walk of Peace

The rich historical heritage of national and international importance will touch every single visitor. Fill your soul with tranquility of the nature in the Soča Valley and find out, how unrelenting life on the front was. If you like hiking, try exploring The Walk of Peace, which connects several outdoor museums, cemeteries and memorials of the Isonzo Front.

There are six outdoor museums in the Soča Valley, which you may see on your own or with a guide:

Outdoor Museums on The Walk of Peace – BOOKLET 

The Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic, guide along the Isonzo Front>

The Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic>

Outdoor Museums on The Walk of Peace - INFORMATION AND GUIDED TOURS

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