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JULIANA TRAIL is 270 km long trail around the Julian Alps. The trail leads through the valleys, passes forests, through urban areas and through wilder areas, along rivers Soča and Sava. Additional 4 stages leads to Brda reagon.

The Juliana Trail seeks different heroes – those that aspire advancement in their spirit as well as altitude. 

A trail that does not conquer mountain tops but leads you in a respectful distance of the peaks along the edge of the Julian Alps and Triglav National Park. It takes you where you will feel the true pulse of life in the Julian Alps and learn about the rich natural and cultural heritage of this magnificent and astonishing alpine world that abounds in biodiversity.


Technical information:

All the colours of the Julian Alps


Slap_Boka_Bovec_Jure_Batagelj_sprem.jpgWaterfall Boka, Bovec, ©Jure Batagelj


Top attractions

Senica Viewpoint

Na razgledišču Senica se nam pogled odpira na Most na Soči, Tolmin, smaragdno Sočo in dramatične alpske vrhove nad spodnjim delom doline.

The Count’s water

The Count’s water is considered to have healing characteristics. It is clean and rich in minerals. It has a positive effect on the entire body. Drinking this water refreshes us and gives us strength.

Tolmin Gorges

The Tolmin Gorge is a common name for the Tolminka and Zadlascica Gorges, which are one of the most magnificent natural attractions in Tolmin.

Kozjak Waterfalls

The mysterious Kozjak waterfall, which is captured in a stony chamber, is according to many the most beautiful waterfall in Slovenia.

The Kluže Fort

This majestic fort above the Koritnica gorge is one of the most visited cultural sights in the Soča valley. It is an important monument to the defence against Turkish invasions, Napoleon's army and attacks during World War I.

To find, walk, learn and explore the unknown diversity, to offer and use what is unknown to others; this is a trail to which you are invited and which can draw your attention back to the originality and simplicity of life. This is a trail of personal pilgrimage to oneself, to pristine nature and its magical beauty.


A trail which leads in the diversity of landscape and in biodiversity, in hidden and unknown places for meditation and in places with magical power (rivers, lakes, waterfalls, forests, exceptional trees, colourful flowers, rocks of unusual shapes), and in culinary, cultural, settlement and historical peculiarities. 

The Juliana Trail - new long-distance hiking trail 

In this sense, the Julian Alps provide a rich cache of unexploited opportunities. Beauty that takes your breath away. A place where you can enjoy views that are meant just for you! A place where we can prove that we have not forgotten nature and we have preserved it for all of you who decide to get away from the rumble of the tourist alpine trails. This new trail will not challenge your ability to conquer mountain peaks, but it will challenge you to find your role in relation to nature and responsible tourism.


Application download:






Juliana Trail Guidebook

The Tourist Information Centers of Bovec, Kobarid and Tolmin also have a printed guidebook.

Visit us and get your own copy to make it easier to explore the Julian Alps.


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Official Booking Center for the circular hiking trail around the Julian Alps.

Turizem Dolina Soče
Rupa 17, Bovec

T: +386 (0)5 30 29 642
T: +386 (0)5 30 29 643

Booking Center opening hours
from 8:00 to 16:00


The JULIANA TRAIL is a 270-km-long circular long-distance hiking trail, which takes you around the Julian Alps. It runs in the valleys, over the mountain passes, through the forests, bigger towns and picturesque villages, secluded plains, cultivated land, and along the Sava and Soča rivers. The trail is divided into 16 daily stages, which are in average between 15 to 25 kilometres long. The trail is technically not demanding. The whole trail can be done between March and November, while the majority of stages are accessible all year round.

The trail is planned in such a way that you can easily walk it on your own, without a guide. The trail is well-marked with signposts and a great part of it also with special markings. A guidebook is available, including maps and technical descriptions of all stages.

Despite the trail not being demanding, it is still a long-distance trail. Even if you walk only one stage, you have to be able to walk 5–6 hours and do 15–20 km per day. So, a bit of physical fitness does not hurt.

On the trail you will definitely need good hiking shoes, sun protection (especially if you go on the trail in the summer months), and hiking poles also come in handy. In the backpack you should carry enough water, snacks, first aid, and clothes which can protect you from rain, wind and cold.

No special equipment is needed, but it is good to know what your personal needs are, and what basic equipment belongs in your hiking backpack.

Every stage has some ascent and descent, but 3 or 4 stages include more demanding sections and deserve to be mentioned:

  • From Bled to Goreljek na Pokljuki (Stage 5) there is altogether 900 metres of ascent.
  • From Bohinjska Bistrica to the Vrh Bače mountain pass (Stage 8) there is 752 metres of ascent, followed by a steep descent to Podbrdo.
  • The stage from Podbrdo to Grahovo ob Bači (Stage 9) has altogether 1,009 metres of ascent, especially demanding is the 500-metre ascent from Podbrdo to Kalarsko brdo.
  • The stage from Log pod Mangartom to Tarvisio (Stage 15) starts with a steep ascent over the Predel Pass – more than 500 meters of altitude difference.
  • The longest stages are Stage 2 from Mojstrana to Jesenice and Stage 13 from Kobarid to Bovec, both 21 kilometres long.

Pot se začne in konča v Kranjski Gori, vendar jo pohodniki lahko prehodijo v poljubni smeri, začnejo kjerkoli in jo tudi prehodijo, kolikor pač želijo. Etapo ali dve, morda pa tudi vse, v enem kosu ali pa v več letih. Juliana Trail je zasnovana tako, da lahko pohodniki ob prehojeni etapi obiščejo še kakšno drugo zanimivost, ki je v bližini same poti.

The Juliana Trail is a trail for hikers, not for cyclists. However, the cyclists can look forward to a new bike trail around the Julian Alps, which will be available soon.

More about Juliana Bike at the link >

The information about the accommodation can be found on the destination websites, where you can also make bookings:

Stages 16-2, Kranjska Gora

Stages 2-3, Jesenice

Stages 3-4, Radovljica

Stages 4-5 Bled

Stages 5-8, Bohinj

Stages 8-15, Soča Valley

Stages 15-16, Tarvisio

Note: during the high tourist season (from May to September) it may be difficult to make a last-minute booking.

The Julian Alps Booking Centre can help you find accommodation, make the bookings for you, and organize other services along the part of the trail you want to walk. For more information please write to or call 00386 5 30 29 643.

The official Julian Alps Booking Centre can design an individual offer for you, which is made according to your wishes. Available is accommodation for every stage, mostly in the 3-star category. Apart from this, the booking centre can organize luggage transfer from accommodation to accommodation, extra rest days in any destination along the trail, extra transfers of hikers and if necessary also special services offered by the destinations. The booking centre also offers a 10-hour phone service for assisting hikers on the trail.

If you decide to walk the whole Juliana Trail and leave the organization of bookings and transfers to the Julian Alps Booking Centre, the price will range between 45 EUR and 150 EUR per day, depending of course on the chosen standard. Some offers can be found on this link, but the offer can also be adapted to your personal wishes.

Of course! There is plenty of offer. The trail runs through the villages, smaller and bigger towns, where you can find either small local inns, or bigger tourist facilities with restaurants.

Special attention is needed on Stage 8, where you can find only one restaurant a few kilometres before the end of the stage in Podbrdo. However, you can also buy some food in a smaller shop in the centre of the village.

No, camping is only allowed in the official campsites. There are enough campsites to choose from, we believe you will find one which will suit your needs.

The information about the campsites can be found on the destination websites, where you can also make bookings:

Stage 16-2, Kranjska Gora

Stage 2-3, Jesenice

Stage 3-4, Radovljica

Stage 4-5 Bled

Stage 5-8, Bohinj

Stage 8-15, Dolina Soče

Stage 15-16, Trbiž

 Of course you can walk the Juliana Trail with your loyal hiking companion, but please consider:

- Dogs must always be kept on the leash.

- If you spend the night on the trail, check in advance for dog-friendly accommodation.

- Dog food can become very heavy in your backpack, so we recommend using the luggage transfer service.

The Juliana Trail is adjusted to the public transfer. You can arrive by bus to most of the starting points, and part of the trail can also be reached by train (directions Ljubljana-Jesenice, Jesenice-Nova Gorica).

Another possibility is to arrive to the starting point by car, which you can park on the designated parking areas (information can be found on local tourist information centres or on the links to specific stages). After walking a part of the trail, you can return to your starting point by public transfer. The timetables are available on Arriva (bus) and Slovenske železnice (train).

You can walk as much of the Juliana Trail as you want. The Julian Alps Booking Centre can adapt the stages according to you wishes, or you can design the hike on your own. Regarding the return to your starting point, see the answer about the parking areas and public transfers.

The Juliana trail is mostly not technically demanding, but it still has to be taken seriously. Every stage demands from 5 to 6 hours of walking. The whole trail is considered unsuitable for children, but certain parts of the trail are also suitable for a family trip.

The printed guidebooks are available in all tourist information centres in the Julian Alps. Some tourist information centres can also send you the guide via post. The Juliana Trail App is also available for your mobile phone for free.


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