The Soča Valley, Paradise for Active Vacation in Nature

If you love outdoor activities, the Soča Valley is truly the one spot in Slovenia and the Alps that you must visit. Go on incredible water adventureskayaking and rafting on the River Soča, discover the intact beauty of canyons and fascinating pools, which inspire fishermen and bathers.

Those who prefer to go on foot will enjoy the spacious world of the mountains and breathtaking views from the Julian Alps all the way to the Adriatic Sea. Wake up your inner adventurer and discover the pearls of nature and the heritage of the Isonzo Front and head to the marked lowland hiking trails. Cyclists are becoming increasingly more impressed with the incredible nature and cycling possibilities. They can choose between routes with different levels of difficulty.

Fans of adrenaline are surely not going to become bored in the Soča Valley. Fly with a paraglider, gather courage to jump from a plane with a parachute, ride the longest zipline in this part of Europe, or raise your heartbeat in one of the many adventure parks.

Escape to an active break in the picturesque world of the Julian Alps, Triglav National Park, and the emerald green River Soča! Here, you will be enthused about incredible active adventures, which make the Soča Valley one of the most popular outdoor destinations in Europe.

A cyclist crosses the hanging bridge over the Soča River, along which the kayaker descendsMountain biking , ©Hannes Klausner - AdventuReal

You may choose the right active adventure for you during all seasons of the year. Ski at the international ski resort Kanin – Sella Nevea, indulge in a guided tour of the mountains, organised sledding, or ski touring and ice climbing if you are well-versed in that. Each year you may attend various active events, among which the Soča Outdoor Festival, Blitz Bovec Marathon, Soča Valley Hiking Festiva and Podbrdo Trail Running Festival stand out the most.

Are you ready for action? See you in the Soča Valley.

Untouched nature

The Soča Valley is a destination where nature overflows in all its beauty. See the numerous natural sights, the lively and clean rivers, the artificial and natural lakes, the magical waterfalls, the picturesque gorges and mysterious caves. Feel the power of nature and take care of your well-being by one of the healing water sources.

The immense beauty of nature awaits the traveller in the Soča Valley at nearly every step. You will fall in love with the emerald green Soča, the untouched Triglav National Park and the mighty Julian Alps.

The vast areas of protected nature, the Triglav National Park, Natura 2000 and the Julian Alps Biosphere Reserve tell stories about unique nature, where the most beautiful Slovenian natural pearls stand proudly: the emerald green Soča River, the Tolmin Gorges, the charming Kozjak Waterfall and the impressive Boka.

Juliana Trail: Stage 11, Most na Soči - Tolmin (Tolmin Gorges)Juliana Trail, Tolmin Gorges, ©Michael Matti

The rich heritage of the Soča Valley

The diverse history, the specifics of dwelling, the dwelling space and the first world war left a permanent mark on the Soča Valley. Many museums, among which the world renowned Kobarid Museum, the rich sacral heritage with the Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca of European importance, and mighty forts, such as the picturesque Kluže Fort, stand out, are all well visited tourist points, which tell the harsh stories of the past.

Explore and follow the footsteps of past heritage, which has forever marked the space next to the fast emerald green beauty. Allow museums, churches, forts and the museum train ride to impress you.

From time immemorial, the Soča Valley has always been dedicated to the heritage of the mountain pastures, dairying and cheesemaking. Visit the Od planine do Planike collection (From pastures to Planika). Planika is the name of the factory that fills the shelves of Slovenian shops with milk from domestic pastures of incredibly high quality. However, if you would prefer to ride on a museum train, you can go on an interesting trip on the Bohinj railway.

Take a peek in the birth house of the famous Slovenian poet Simon Gregorčič and visit the homestead of writer Ciril Kosmač.

The Soča Valley will not only enthuse you with many active experiences, but will leave you amazed at how much cultural and historical contents are hidden in these divine places.

Klu__e_-Jure-Batagelj-arhiv-Fundacije-Poti-miru-spr.jpgKluže Fort, Bovec, ©Jure Batagelj - arhiv Fundacije Poti miru