The Krnsko jezero lake

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The largest Slovenian high mountain lake and a popular mountaineering spot, Krnsko jezero lake lies at a height of 1,391 metres.

Put on your hiking boots and step onto a trail, where you will be overwhelmed by the colourful mountainous freshness.

The lake of glacial origin lies underneath Krn (2,244 m), not far from the Planinski dom pri Krnskih jezerih mountain lodge (1,385 m), the planina Duplje alpine meadow and the Dupeljsko jezero lake. It is considered to have some of the most beautiful scenery in the Julian Alps.


Colourful Alpine Paradise with a Rich Water Ecosystem

Krnsko jezero lake is nearly 400 metres long, 150 metres wide and 17 metres deep in its deepest part. There are 40 plant species living in the water ecosystem, which are mostly algae, and 24 species of lower animals, among which small crayfish prevail. Bathing is not allowed in the lake in order to preserve the ecosystem.

Seize the moment and enjoy the view, which expands towards Krn and the surrounding peaks. In the shelter of these mountains, next to the lake, a real paradise of plants awaits you. The surroundings of the lake are full of vividly colourful alpine flowers, among which endangered species, such as the yellow Kerner Alpine Poppy (P. alpinum subsp. kerneri), aconite (Aconitum angustifolium) and white cottongrass (Eriophorum scheuchzeri) thrive.


An Echo of the Former Isonzo Front and Rapallo Border

The immensely beautiful nature around Krn and Krnsko jezero lake once witnessed the bloody events of the Isonzo front and the dark period of the Rapallo border. The remains of trenches, caverns and barbed wire remind us of the Isonzo front battles.

The plural name of the Krnska jezera lakes refers to the Veliko (Krnsko) jezero lake, the Dupeljsko jezero lake and the smaller lake in Ložnica.


Ascent to the Krnska Jezera Lakes

Starting point:

Dom dr. Klementa Juga v Lepeni mountain hut (700 m) 46,3037°N / 13,6814°E

Estimated walking time:

2 h 30 min


easy marked trail

Difference in altitude:

691 m

Mountain huts:

Planinski dom pri Krnskih jezerih (1,385 m), Gomiščkovo zavetišče na Krnu (2,182 m),

Other starting points:

Koča na planini Kuhinja (1,002 m)

More about the trail:

Lake Krn (1394 m) – Largest mountain lake in the Julian Alps >

Mountain trails are categorised into three groups in accordance with their level of difficulty: easy, challenging and very challenging.

The ascent to the Krnska jezera lakes is an easy mountain trail. Use mountain trails at your own risk.

Krnsko jezero

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