The source of the Soča River

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Are you enthused about the immense beauty and the blue-green colour of the Soča River, which some like to joke was produced in a special factory of colours?

The story of the emerald green queen Soča is quite different and incredibly primal. The water that accumulates in the area of Jalovec, Šite, Travnik and Mojstrovka springs from a cave with a small subterranean lake and flows through a narrow gorge, which soon opens up and accompanies the lively Soča River on its 138 km long journey. First hidden, mysterious and calm, then immediately lively, it creates waterfalls, rapids and torrents.

One of the most beautiful and the cleanest karstic water sources in the Julian Alps is the birthplace of the daughter of mountains, the majestic Soča River. 

The Source of the Soča River is a wonderful but hard to access natural sight and requires quite a lot of dexterity to be seen. Nearby, you can see the dr. Julius Kugy monument, take a walk along the route that leads through the wild gravel deposits of the Zapoden valley and find inspiration in the Alpinum Juliana alpine plant garden. The magical Trenta Valley, the home and cradle of the unique European Soča River, will enthuse you with the beauty of nature, its serenity and the essence that its inhabitants are still proud to preserve.


The Source of the Soča River and the Evil Water Spitter

A folk tale relates that three gods lived in Trenta – the god Triglav, the god Jalovec and the god Mangart. When an evil water spitter, who flooded villages, arrived in Trenta, the gods decided to capture him and tie him up inside a cave. They opened his mouth just a little to let him irrigate the valley. When he serves his sentence, he will be free and the Soča River will dry up.

The Source of the Soča River – ACCESS

On the Bovec-Vršič road, turn left at the 49th hairpin bend in the direction of the road to Vršič. There is a marked trail that leads from the Cabin at the Source of the Soča River that will take you to the source in 15 minutes. The trail is maintained but very demanding in the upper part, protected with wedges and wire ropes. You will need suitable footwear and adequate physical condition. The source of the Soča River is one of the spots on the popular Soča Trail.


BOVEC HOP-ON HOP-OFF and BUS to the Soča source

In June and August organized public transport is available:

The source of the Soča River

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