Mangartsko sedlo (2055 m)

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Mangartsko Sedlo and a Multitude of Active Adventures

If you are in love with the Alps and tempted by active adventures, this area is the right platform to make your wishes come true. Mangartsko sedlo (2,055 m) is an excellent starting point for the ascent to Mangart (2,679 m), and also a final stop for road cyclists who enjoy overcoming turns on an ascending road.

If conditions are favourable, you can fly downwards - that is, of course, if you decide on a paragliding tandem jump, organised by some sports agencies. The handsome Rombon, the pretty Jerebica, Jalovec and the famous Loška stena will thus gain another perspective.

The autumn colours of the beech forest and the lonely larch trees, which lie in the higher regions, call for a trip with a camera. The photogenic autumn scenes accompany the mountainous area into a new chapter, the winter idyll, enjoyed by off-piste skiers, winter hikers and those who are thrilled by organised tobogganing on the Mangart road.

The highest alpine road in Slovenia leads to a botanically rich area with an incredible view, located under Mangart, the third highest peak in Slovenia. 

Hikers, cyclists, botanical enthusiasts, lovers of nature and explorers of the alpine world - an alpine paradise awaits you on Mangartsko sedlo.  Grassy plains, coloured by carpets of colourful flowers in the summer, are home to many marmots, ibexes and jackdaws, which are chasing high towards the heavenly walls of the mighty Mangart. Are you interested in what a perfect viewpoint looks like, where you will not run out of spectacular scenes for taking photos and videos?

Mangart passMangartsko Pass, Mangart, ©David Štulc Zornik

Panoramic Drive to Mangartsko sedlo

Mangart Road is a narrow 12-kilometre long asphalt road, beating 980 metres of altitude and going through five tunnels, carved into bedrocks. The road to Mangartsko sedlo is passable until the ninth kilometer or to the parking lot 400 m from the turnoff for the mountain hut. Traffic from the site of the rock fall to the top is prohibited for all vehicles.

This panoramic road, which was built in 1938 by Italian soldiers and which has been renovated several times since, constantly pampers with views of the picturesque Julian Alps. Mangartsko sedlo is like a cherry on top, which offers a view over the spruce green Belopeška jezera lakes in neighbouring Italy.

Taste Bovec Cheese on Mangartska planina

Shortly after the first turns of the Mangart road is a sheep mountain pasture (1,295 m) that has been active for over five centuries, where Bovec sheep, the autochthonous Slovenian breed, prevails. It excels in its acclimatisation to the mountainous conditions and excellent milk yield. During the grazing season on the mountain pasture, they produce cottage cheese and the tasty Bovec cheese, which is made according to an ancient local recipe.

Enjoy Refreshments at koča na Mangartskem sedlu

Do not be surprised if you encounter the smell of excellent homemade food on your way towards the mountain pass. After a day that has been actively spent, your tastebuds will have nothing against pampering with an excellent stew and other treats prepared in the mountain hut at Mangartsko sedlo.

Koča na Mangartskem sedlu - Information


Mountain hikes and Via Ferrata's

pohodnik_2_ico.png Tour to the Mangart Mountain pass along the former shepherds’ trails 14,7 km 7:39 h Go hiking >
pohodnik_2_ico.png Mt. Mangart (2,679 m) along the Via Italiana and the Slovenska pot Trail 7,7 km 3:50 h Go hiking >
pohodnik_2_ico.png Mangart (2679 m), The Slovenian route 6,7 km 4:30 h Go hiking >
pohodnik_2_ico.png Mangart (2679 m), Via Italiana 7,7 km 4:30 h Go hiking >

Mangrtsko sedlo

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The Road to Mangartsko sedlo is Open for Vehicles from Late Spring to Autumn

The road to Mangartsko sedlo is open when snow conditions allow it.  Before you head on your route, do not forget to check the current conditions on the Mangart road.

One must pay an ecological tax of 10 € to drive on the road. Transport is allowed for personal and motor vehicles and smaller buses with up to 35 seats. The road is narrow and precipitous in some parts, so drive patiently, very carefully and abide by the rule that vehicles driving upwards have priority. In winter, the road to Mangartsko sedlo is closed.

Because this is a protected natural area - the Triglav National Park - make sure you put away all your litter and take it back with you to the valley. Be properly clothed and equipped when you go on a journey, because the conditions in the high mountains can change fast.


BOVEC HOP-ON HOP-OFF to Mangart Saddle

In July and August organized public transport is available >

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