Modern cuisine still relies on local ingredients, to which chefs add modern touch and thus create unforgettable dishes, which will please even the most demanding gourmets.

Feel pampered with top gastronomy and masterpieces by Ana Roš, one of the world’s best female chefs, in Soča Valley.

Michelin-starred cuisine


Michelin came to Slovenia in 2020, and presented the results of its assessment on 16 June 2020 with the publication of the first Michelin guide for Slovenia. With Ana Roš and Hiša Franko, the Soča Valley also got its place in it. House Franko near Kobarid was the only Slovenian restaurant to receive two Michelin stars.

Ana Roš creates her dishes in Hiša Franko (House Franko), which has many years of family tradition, but has reached the highest culinary level with its last generation. A table at Hiša Franko is one of the most wanted on the foodies’ wish list in Slovenia.

In addition to excellent food, you will be able to explore the wine cellar of the house with Ana’s husband Valter. The cellar also has a rich collection of cheese. Those who will not be able to make a reservation at Hiša Franko during their quick visit to the valley, can try local specialties by Valter in Kobarid’s pub Polonka.

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A Hint of Sea in the Alps

Many will definitely be surprised by the smell of sea food in the Soča Valley. In addition to the freshwater trout, which is a domestic fish, specialties from the sea can be found on the menu. Restaurants Topli Val and Kotlar in Kobarid are particularly known for such delicacies.

Culinary Pearl – Restaurant Mangrt

Restaurant Mangrt offers modern, unique kitchen with a touch of creativity and the use of local ingredients. The seasonal diversity invites curious gourmets in all seasons of the year.