People near the River Soča have always known how to eat well and have wanted to eat well. And the tradition has been passed on through the generations, both in written and oral form.

In Soča Valley the local tradition shades into top gastronomy. Try everything from simple dishes of our grandparents to the masterpieces of one of the world’s best female chefs, Ana Roš. Enjoy your meal!

When pleasant aromas come from home kitchen, only few can resist famous culinary specialties, such as čompe (boiled potatoes) and cottage cheese, frika (potato cheese omelette), delicious kobariški štruklji (sweet dumplings with walnuts and raisins) and bovški krafi (sweet dumplings with dried pears, walnuts and raisins), as well as two types of cheese that have been cherished for centuries with protected designation of origin – Tolminc cheese and Bovec cheese.

However, gastronomy of Soča Valley is far from being simple – many excellent restaurants and inns with many years of family tradition are developing modern tastes and raising the local kitchen to the top level. Hiša Franko, where Ana Roš, who has been declared the world’s best female chef of 2017, creates her masterpieces, takes the icing on the cake.

The culinary offer of Soča Valley is complemented by culinary events and festivals, which should not be missed by foodies!