Situated in the centre of Tolmin, you can find Hotel Dvorec which was recently renovated in the former Coronini Mansion.

Green-Key-logo-with-text.pngBesides having thoroughly renovated the rooms, the hotel is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly operation. Guests are offered predominantly local and seasonal food and only organic hotel cosmetics and organic cleaning agents are being used. The hotel also includes a small shop offering Soča Valley Finest Collective Brand products. They strive to use reusable packaging and encourage guests to drink tap water, which is why each room is equipped with a bottle or a jar, contributing greatly to the reduction of plastic waste. Hotel guests are also encouraged to separate the waste. For this purpose, separate waste collection bins were made available throughout the hotel. Their efforts first resulted in the receipt of the Green Key Label, and later in the receipt of the Slovenia Green Accommodation Label.


Hotel Dvorec represents the perfect starting point to explore the Soča Valley. You can explore the area on foot or by bicycle which you can later safely store in the bicycle garage.