Alpinum Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden

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The Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden is a protected monument of designed landscape and a natural treasure of national importance. The blooming green gardens with an area of 2572 m² are fascinating with over 600 different species of plants, including endemics that only grow in Slovenia.

Walk through the oldest alpine botanical garden in Slovenia and feel the kingdom of the alpine flora in one spot.

The Alpinum Juliana is at its most beautiful in May and in the beginning of June, when primroses and gentians are blossoming, but there are also unique plants thriving from early spring to late autumn, which are definitely worth seeing. Daphne, saxifraga, orchis and the protected lady's-slipper orchid (Cypripedium calceolus), are just some of the "inhabitants" of the carefully tended botanical corner, which adorns Trenta and Triglav National ParkSometimes the recognizable Zois bellflower (Campanula zoysii), the colorful symbol of the botanical garden, also blooms here.

There is a traditional event known as Belar Days in the botanical garden, which is intended for primary school students.

The Alpinum Juliana Magical Botanical Garden, the Stunning Botanical Beauty

The Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden was established in 1926 by a landlord and merchant from Trieste, Albert Bois de Chesne, who thus made his dreams of building a garden, where vegetation levels follow each other just as in nature, come true. He named it after his wife Julia / Giulia. He was given advice by Dr. Julius Kugy, his hiking friend and a researcher of the Julian Alps, who was drawn to the Trenta Valley by the mysterious Scabiosa trenta, which became the symbol of his research in his youth.

"The enchanted gardens of the goddesses of fate have disappeared long ago. The dark story about the Goldhorn tells us how it happened. But here, a new magical garden has emerged, in the middle of the bright present."

dr. Julius Kugy, Iz minulih dni (From the past days)


The Diverse Range of Sights in the area of the Garden

Trenta is one of the most pristine parts of the Soča Valley. It is the birthplace of the Soča River, which still somewhat innocently and playfully hops towards Bovec. In the surroundings of the Alpinum Juliana, see the Church of the Virgin Mary of Loreto, the rapids of the Soča River that are a few tens of metres away, and if you have enough time, the Source of the Soča River and the dr. Julius Kugy Monument, which stands not far away from the first hairpin turns on the road to Vršič. Lovers of botanics and medicine should ask for information about the circular educational path Moč rož (Flower Power) in the surroundings of Bovec.


Alpine Botanical Garden Alpinum Juliana – SCHEDULE

1 May—30 September every day 8:30 AM—6:30 PM
1 October—30 April closed  

Alpine Botanical Garden Alpinum Juliana – PRICE LIST

      Free Admission:

Entrance fee according to the price list, whereas rental of interactive identification keys and participation at guided tour are free.


Alpinum Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden

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Alpinum Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden - ACCESS

On the Bovec-Trenta road, in the settlement of Pri Cerkvi, near the Church of the Virgin Mary of Loreto, stands a clearly visible sign to the garden. The Alpinum Juliana is also one of the sights on the famous Soča Trail, which leads to the Source of the Soča River.

Alpine Botanical Garden Alpinum Juliana – INFORMATION

Slovenian Museum of Natural History
Prešernova 20, 1001 Ljubljana

T: 00386 1 241 09 40

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