Mountain pass Vršič (1611 m)

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The highest Slovenian road pass, which connects Bovec with Kranjska Gora, is an excellent starting point for mountain tours in the Julian Alps.

An incredible panoramic road with heavenly close-up views of the Julian Alps, diverse forests and a bunch of natural sights, which invite you to stop and enjoy the authentic Alpine atmosphere, will take you below the slopes of Mojstrovka at 1,611 metres of altitude.

The Most Beautiful Sights on the Road Across the Picturesque Vršič Pass

The road across the Vršič Pass leads from the remote Trenta Valley, which is one of the most beautiful and authentic valleys in Slovenia. Even though it seems that time stops in these places, nature never rests here, but bursts out in all its original beauty. On the way, you will not run out of opportunities to admire the beauties of nature hidden by the Triglav National Park:

Vršič is very popular among mountaineers

If you like the world of high mountains and wish a mountain tour would start with a bit of a discount for biting your knees, the Vršič pass is an excellent possibility to make the wish come true. The surrounding two thousand metre mountains seem to be a step closer and yet their mightiness needs to be respected:

Always head to the mountains with appropriate equipment and in good physical condition. The weather in the high mountain area can change very fast, so make sure you thoroughly examine the weather report. We recommend hiring a mountain guide.

Mountain Huts on the road past Vršič

Are you hungry, craving some refreshments, an authentic home kitchen or just sound sleep? Stop at one of the mountain huts:

Riding a Bicycle over the Vršič Pass

The road over the Vršič Pass is also popular among road cyclists. It has a total of 50 hairpin bends (26 on the south and 24 on the north side of the pass), which wind up the panoramic terrain over the quiet beech, spruce and larch forests. On the top, the forests are replaced by grey scree slopes with dwarf pine trees.


The Road Over Vršič was Built by Russian Prisoners of War in 1915

The road over the Vršič Pass was built during World War I by Russian prisoners of war, to whom the Russian Chapel on the North side of the pass is devoted. Every year, a ceremonial memorial mass takes place by the chapel. In 2016, on the 100th anniversary of erecting the building, Russian president Vladimir Putin attended the memorial mass. Some also call the road over Vršič the Russian road.


Vršič is Most Beautiful in Spring and Autumn

Vršič pass is most beautiful in the autumn, when it is dyed in golden yellow and fiery colours, and in spring, when the nature is awakening, sprouting and boasting with its green youth.

Summer invites numerous visitors to the Soča Valley. The panoramic road over Vršič is one of the busiest tourist spots in the summer, so stay calm towards other traffic and abide by the traffic signalisation. The road over Vršič is closed in wintertime due to snow and avalanches. Check whether the road over Vršič is open.


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