Zapotok Waterfalls

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The stream boasts one of the highest waterfalls in the Triglav National Park and has accumulated wild moraines in Zapoden.

The source of the stream is situated on the Zapotok plain (1385 m). Reaching a height of 73 m, this wild double waterfall is difficult to access (sometimes completely inaccessible). Hiring a guide is recommended.

There are several other waterfalls in Zapoden that are more easily accessible. The highest of them is the 18 m Slap na Suhem potoku waterfall.

In the lower course, the Suhi potok disappears underground and has accumulated a broad moraine belt. In periods of heavy rain, the stream swells and changes its course.


Access to the Suhi potok stream and Zapotoški slapovi waterfalls

On the Bovec–Vršič road, take a left at the 49th bend on the Vršič road. Park near the Cabin at the source of the Soča or drive on the macadam road for another 2 km until you reach a small parking lot. Cross the dry bed of the Suhi Potok stream and follow the signs along the footpath.


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Zapotoški slapovi

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