The source of the Soča

One of the most beautiful karst sources in the Julian Alps, the source of the Soča accumulates water from Jalovec, Šita, Travnik and Mojstrovka.

The river springs from a cave with a subterranean lake and flows through a narrow gorge that soon spreads out.

Access to the source of the Soča

On the Bovec–Vršič road, turn left at the 49th bend on the Vršič road. A marked trail starts at the Cabin at the Soča source that will bring you to the source of the Soča river in 15 minutes. The trail is well maintained and protected with pegs and wires in the upper section. Suitable footwear and physical condition are required.

The folk tale about the Soča source

According to legend, the gods Triglav, Jalovec and Mangrt once lived in Trenta. When an evil water spirit that flooded villages by spewing water made his way to Trenta, the gods decided to capture him and bind him in the valley. They left his mouth open just enough to irrigate the valley. Once his punishment is over, he will be released and the Soča will dry up.