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Kriški podi (2,000 m and more)

The high mountain pool above the Zadnjica valley in Trenta, which is adorned with small Kriška jezera lakes, is a lovely starting point to visit the highest peaks of the Julian Alps.

Embark on a picturesque wander to the mountainous world of the Triglav National Park. The Kriški podi are surrounded by the approximately 500-metre-higher peaks of the Julian Alps: Razor, Planja, Križ, Stenar, Bovški Gamsovec and Pihavec. In summer, the spacious home of marmots, chamois and ibexes is coloured by typical alpine flora.

The mountain trail from Zadnjica, which is one of the most beautiful Slovenian mountain trails, leads to the mountain hut Pogačnikov dom na Kriških podih (2,050 m), which has a lovely view over Trenta. It is accompanied by refreshing forests, vast scree areas and rocky ridges. Rest your eyes for a moment on an edelweiss, the protected Slovenian botanical beauty.

Kriški podi are a starting point for various mountain trails to the surrounding peaks, however, moving around in high mountains is challenging, so we recommend going on a tour accompanied by a guide.

Kriška Jezera Lakes, Relaxation with a View

The image of a diverse rocky world is complemented by colourful lakes. Spodnje Kriško jezero, the lower lake, which is surrounded by a soft grassy shore, is an excellent location for a stop in this high mountain paradise. 

  • Zgornje Kriško jezero, the upper lake, is the highest lying Slovenian lake (2,154 m), with an approximate size of 80 m x 80 m;
  • Srednje Kriško jezero, the middle lake (1,939 m), is a round lake (60 m x 60 m) of spruce green colour, which is up to 6.5 m deep;
  • Spodnje Kriško jezero, the lower lake (1,880 m), is the biggest of the Kriška jezera lakes, has an oval shape and is about 140 metres long, 100 metres wide and up to 8.5 metres deep.

Pogačnikov dom na Kriških podih (2,050 m) is located near the lakes.

Kriški podi – ACCESS

To access Kriški podi from the Zadnjica valley, make a turn on the 50th bend of the Vršič-Bovec road in the village of Trenta. Park in the marked parking area and follow the macadam road to the ground station of the cargo cableway. Continue along the marked mountain trail from there.