The Kriška jezera lakes

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Situated in the mountainous surroundings of Kriški podi, there are four Alpine lakes, important natural treasures in the Triglav National Park.

The upper lake, Zgornje Kriško jezero, is Slovenia's highest lake (2154 m). It measures about 80 x 80 m.

The middle lake, Srednje Kriško jezero (1939 m), is round (60 m x 60 m) with a spruce-green colour and is up to 6.5 m deep.

The lower lake, Spodnje Kriško jezero (1880 m), is the largest of the three. Oval in shape, it is about 140 m long, 100 m wide and up to 8.5 m deep. The lake has a grassy shore where mountain hikers like to sit and rest. The Pogačnikov dom mountain lodge on Kriški podi (2050 m) is situated in the vicinity of the lakes.

The development of water plant and animal life in the lakes is hindered by the enormous quantities of snow and ice. A few higher water plants can be found along the shores of the lower lake, with algae on the surface and small invertebrates on the lake bed. In the middle and upper lake, water vegetation and animals are considerably sparser. There are no fish.

The Kriška jezera lakes are surrounded by the Julian Alp summits of Razor, Planja, Križ, Stenar, Bovški Gamsovec and Pihavec. They are some 500 m higher than the nearby mountains. Inhabited by marmots, chamois and ibex, in the summer this picturesque area glows with the colours of typical Alpine plants.


Access to the Kriška jezera lakes

On the Bovec-Trenta road, take a right into Zadnjica. Continue until you reach the end of the Zadnjica road, then park your car. From there, a marked mountain trail leads to the Pogačnikov dom mountain lodge on Kriški podi near the lakes. Hiring a mountain guide is recommended.


Križka jezera


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