Triglav (2864 m)

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Climb to the highest summit of Slovenia, Triglav, where the most beautiful view over the Julian Alps unfolds.

The Triglav mountain chain is the central part of the Triglav National Park, after which Slovenia’s only national park was named. In recent years, the famous peak has been incredibly popular among foreign mountaineers, even though it is said that Triglav as the symbol of the Slovenian nation should be on the list of mountains of every Slovenian at least once in their lifetime.

Aljažev stolp (Aljaž Tower) stands on top of Triglav, protected as a Slovenian cultural monument.


The Route to Triglav from the Soča Valley

The route from the Zadnjica Valley ascends to Triglav from the Soča Valley. The least crowded trail to Triglav, where you can still enjoy the peaceful corners of the high mountains, leads to Tržaška koča na Doliču (2,151 m), from where you can continue to the peak. A gently sloping road, which winds between the magical meadows and forests, is soon directed to a wide stony footpath that occasionally crosses incredibly steep slopes with views.

Because this is a demanding tour in high mountains, it is recommended to hire a mountain guide.


The Climb to Triglav (2,864 m)

Starting point:

Zadnjica (650 m), 46,3824°N / 13,7604°E

Estimated walking time:

7 hours 15 minutes


A very demanding marked route


2,214 m

Other starting points:

Dolina Krma, Rudno polje, Stara Fužina, Aljažev dom v Vratih (Aljaž Lodge in the Vrata Valley)


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