Prižnica memorial park

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The Prižnica hill is located above the left bank of the Soča River, just between the settlements of Plave and Deskle.

The peak is also known as "Kota 383" and "Kota smrti".

The Great War left many remains behind; military cemeteries, caverns, trenches, monuments, open-air museums and other monuments representing important historical heritage. Today, on the slope of Prižnica, there is a circular path through the Prižnica Memorial Park, which is part of the Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic. The memorial park is a connecting link between the first branch of the Walk of Peace, which runs along the Kolovrat range, and the second branch on the left bank of the Soča River.

The circular path starts just above the village of Plave. At the second branch of the road from Plave to Paljevo, where you can also park, a military route begins on the so-called "Italian" side, along which you can easily climb to Prižnica, built by Italian soldiers to supply their battlefield. From that point onwards, a walking should be followed which leads to the first viewing site - the Italian trough. The path continues towards the remains of a large Italian barracks near the cavern of the Avellin Brigade.

Then the trail ascends to the dressing station for the wounded, and towards the top we can see a series of smaller caverns and fortified positions. We soon reach the very top of Prižnica, where the remains of Austro-Hungarian ditches and fortified positions are still visible. As we descend along the "Austrian" side towards the Church of St. Quirinus, we observe a set of Austrian caverns and connecting ditches. We can end the path at the church and then return to Plave along the same path, otherwise we continue the circular path with the descent towards the church of St. Aloysius (San Luigi), which was built during the First World War, in the former Italian cemetery in Plave. The promenade along the Soča will then lead us to the starting point in Plave.

Spominski park Prižnica


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