The Rapallo border

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The former border with Italy is now an area of wonderful alpine routes and remains of military facilities.

After World War I, Italy temporarily acquired the territory of Slovenian Primorska with the Treaty of Rapallo, which was concluded in 1920. The Rapallo Border was a border between the Kingdom of Italy and the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes according to the mutual agreement of superpowers in 1920 in the Italian town of Rapallo. Despite promises about respecting national rights, there was a fast decline in the economic, cultural and political life of Slovenes between the two wars. After World War II Primorska was finally returned to the homeland.

Cultural-Historical Remains of the Rapallo Border

Italian units marked the border with boundary markers. In the period before World War II they built roads, watchtowers, barracks, bunkers and other forts in Primorska.

Today, many facilities, which were built at the time of the Rapallo border, have already been overgrown by vegetation, but some of them are still visible, renovated, and worth seeing:

There are shorter and longer guided trips at the Rapallo border.

The Rapallo Boarder - MAP OF HERITAGE

Možic - rapalska meja



Zgodovinsko društvo Rapalska meja
Podbrdo 18, 5243 Podbrdo


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