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At the traffic-light intersection in the centre of Tolmin, start following the signs for Javorca.

Just behind the village of Zatolmin, you arrive to a 7-km-long narrow gravel road (approx. 20 min drive) with numerous passing places which is only appropriate for personal vehicles.

When you reach the parking lot under Javorca, continue on foot for approximately 15-20 min along the concrete road until you reach the Church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca.


Javorca - Traffic regime

In the period from 24. 6. 2023 to 3. 9. 2023 on the local road to the Church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca (from the Church of St. Peter to the mountain pasture Polog), there is a complete road closure all days of the week.

In the period from 4. 9. 2023 to 1. 10. 2023 the road is completely closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

The traffic restriction applies to all motor vehicles.

In the period from 24. 6. 2023 to 1. 10. 2023, the traffic restriction for motorhomes applies all days of the week.

During this time, you can use public transport to access. The schedule and price list of rides is published on the Public Transport tab.


Location and parking places

On mobile devices, click the Map tab at the bottom of the screen.

Due to the landslide, the road Zatolmin—Polog (Javorca) is until further notice.


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