Juliana Trail - A journey through diversity

You won't climb any mountain tops on the Juliana Trail. You will, however, circumnavigate the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park within a respectful distance and at the foot of the eye. The Juliana Trail will take you where you will feel the true pulse of life in the Julian Alps and learn about the rich natural and cultural heritage of this magnificent and astonishing alpine world that abounds in biodiversity. The Juliana Trail seeks different heroes – those that aspire advancement in their spirit as well as altitude.

On this page you can choose and book your own personal experience on the Juliana Trail.

Information that may help you to create your package:


Optimal Time to Travel

In the spring (March, April and May), there is still occasional snow on the higher parts of the trail (Pokljuka, Predel Pass, Vrh Bače). For guests who wish to avoid such conditions, we offer transport to the next stage or advise you to use public transport. On the other stages, you will have an unimaginable experience of hiking through unspoilt and awakening nature.

In the summer (June, July and August), the higher altitude stages are slightly more pleasant than the valley stages. We advise you to always take plenty of fluids with you, especially during the summer months. Also, during the high tourist season (July and August), you should book accommodation along the route in advance.

The autumn colours will present the route in a completely different light. At this time (September, October and November), nature takes on warm colours that we can only admire. If the weather is suitable for enjoying nature, we invite you to go on the trail during these months too.

We recommend that you avoid the higher stages during the winter months (December, January and February) due to the low temperatures and possible snow. However, some of the lower altitude stages (especially on the coastal side) are also passable in the winter months, given good weather conditions and lack of snow.



The Juliana Trail is an easy to moderate hiking trail, not too technically demanding. There are no sections of the trail that are secured by a cable car and there are no dangerous exposed parts. Only caution and the ability to walk on rocky terrain are needed.

Each stage is classified as easy, moderate or difficult depending on the distance and the altitude difference to be covered. The average length of the stages is 17.5 km and you will walk on average 4 to 5 hours per day. The shortest stage will take you just under an hour, while the longest ones can be completed in 7 hours. It is advisable to build up enough fitness for the entire route before you arrive on the Juliana Trail. It is up to you to decide how difficult the stages are and how much of the trail you want to walk.

The Juliana Trail is suitable for all types of walkers. Families can also enjoy the trail if they choose the right time of year and if the stages are a bit easier.

More details about each stage can be found on the Juliana Trail website link


Equipment for the trail

To hike the Juliana Trail you will need hiking equipment. You will need to choose suitable hiking shoes and try them on before you start the trail. You should have a hiking rucksack large enough to carry enough liquids for the whole leg. You can fill up with water or buy drinks during the walk, but this is not possible on all stages. However, it is guaranteed that you will be able to get fluids at the end or beginning of each stage. The same applies to food as to drinks. It is advisable to have a small first aid kit and extra clothing in your rucksack, which you may need during the trek. Hiking poles are also recommended on certain stages with a higher altitude difference.

Tip: You don't need to carry all your belongings every day to make the trail easier and more enjoyable. We can arrange daily transport of your luggage to your next accommodation.


Accommodation Categories

Along the Juliana Trail we can offer you the following accommodations:

piktogram_AAT_classic.jpg piktogram_AAT_comfort.jpg
Classic (standard) Comfort (superior)
Two- or three-star accommodation. The accommodation is in a hotel or a pension. Four-star accommodation. Some accommodations also include the spa offer. This kind of accommodation is not available on all stages.


Catering Options

The accommodations offer the following services:

piktogram_Zajtrk_AAT.JPG piktogram_AAT_restavracija.JPG
Bed and breakfast Half board
Rich self-service breakfast or table service. Breakfast and dinner (usually three-course dinner)

We ask you to state your dietary restrictions (vegetarian or vegan menu, food allergies or intolerances etc.) in the comment section. We will do our best to prepare the menus according to your wishes.


Mobility service

piktogram_AAT_prevoz_pritljage.JPG piktogram_AAT_shuttle.JPG piktogram_AAT_shuttle.JPG
Luggage transfers Transfer to the starting point Additional transfers (taxi)

  - Luggage transfers:
For a more care-free journey we can, in addition to accommodation, also arrange the luggage transfers between your accommodations and person transfers. If you are looking for a more pleasant and enjoyable hiking experience, you can order your own luggage transfer (one piece per person, up to 20 kilograms).

- Transfer to the starting point or to the destination of your choice:
you can choose the transfer to take you from the end of your hike back to your starting point. We can also arrange the transfer to a destination of your choice, for example to the bus or train station, airport and other.

- Additional transfers:
if you decide you want to skip a certain part of the trail or even the whole stage (in case a certain part of the hike is not suitable or interesting for you, in case of illness, minor injuries, tiredness, etc.) and you wish to take a transfer to your next accommodation, we can help you with that. Contact our Julian Alps Booking Centre and we will help you find the transfer to the desired destination. There is an extra charge for the transfer.



We are available for you every day during the time of your travel, so that your hike can run as smoothly and effortlessly as possible.
The call centre: during your hike you can call every day between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. in case of emergency.
Information on your hike: after choosing and booking the package you will receive information on accommodations and other service that you will use in the time of your travel.


Arriving at Juliana Trail

You can arrive to Juliana Trail by various means of transport and from various directions (the tickets are not included in the price):

Tip: Ask us for advice! We are happy to advise you on the best transport links to get to the Juliana Trail.


Partner Establishments at Juliana Trail

Our booking center collaborates with partners that guarantee to offer the best possible service, answer your questions and greet you into a welcoming atmosphere. The offer includes different accommodations, varying from four-star accommodation, with included spa offer, to more simple bed and breakfast.


Terms and Conditions

General conditions and instructions for travel arrangements. 


The Julian Alps Booking Centre


Information and reservations

Need help finding accommodation? Would you like a personalised offer? Contact us and we will be happy to find the best solution.


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