Stages of the long distance Juliana Trail


Unfortunately stage 13 of the Juliana Trail is closed between Trnovo ob Soči and Log Čezsoški due to ongoing construction work on site.

It is not possible to hike between Trnovo ob Soči and Srpenica. We have redirected the stage from Srpenica onward through Žaga toward Bovec, so this part is accessible.

It is possible to hike the Juliana Trail from Kobarid to Trnovo ob Soči – from there you can take a bus to Srpenica and continue the stage from there - click here for bus connections. The other option is to skip the whole first part of the stage and take a bus (or ask your luggage provider, should you have booked luggage transfer, to hitch a ride with them) from Kobarid to Srpenica and hike from there to Bovec - click here for bus connections.


Juliana Trail is a circular trail connecting smaller regions within the Julian Alps. The main circle of the trail takes you all around the Julian Alps and covers 270 kilometers in 16 stages. Together with the additional 4 stages, which connect the Soča Valley with the picturesque vineyard region of Goriška Brda, you can conquer a respectable distance of 330 kilometers in altogether 20 stages.

Juliana Trail wins the ITA 2020 Best Europe Tourism Project Award

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