Alpe Adria Trail Stages in the Soča Valley



The 25th stage is closed between Log Čezsoški and Magozd due to ongoing construction work on site. The closure is expected to remain until the middle of August, and in individual sections it will be obstructed at least until the end of September 2024.

The stage is redirected from Log Čezsoški through Žaga to Srpenica, so this part is accessible and marked with signposts on site. You can also follow the updated trail on the app. It is not possible to hike between Srpenica and Drežnica. 

It is possible to take a bus from Srpenica to Kobarid – please click here, from where you can hike to Drežnica on the small local road.

You can also organize a shuttle between Srpenica and Kobarid or Drežnica with a local mobility provoider (please call the ahead of time) - click here to see a list of providers.

Vr__i__-Slovenija_Jost_Gantar.jpgVršič, Slovenija, ©Jošt Gantar


Stage No. 23 of the Alpe Adria Trail: Kranjska Gora - Trenta

This stage leads via the Vršič Pass, the highest mountain pass in the Julian Alps. Hikers can enjoy the picturesque view of the stunning north faces of the highest peaks.

Difficulty: moderate
Distance: 17,8 km
Ascent: 962 m  
Descent: 1146 m
Duration: 6:30 h
Lowest point: 622 m
Highest point: 1618 m


Dolina_Soce_Mala-korita-Soe_Jost_Gantar-1920.jpgThe Small Soča Gorge, Bovec, ©Jošt Gantar

Stage No. 24 of the Alpe Adria Trail: Trenta - Bovec

This stage takes you along the marked and well tended Soča Trail. At the bridge over the Soča near Kršovec, which is close to the Triglav National Park, your route continues towards Jablance and Bovec.

Difficulty: moderate
Distance: 20,9 km
Ascent: 571 m  
Descent: 736 m
Duration: 6:00 h
Lowest point: 394 m
Highest point: 645 m


Reka-So__a_Jost_Gantar.jpgSoča River, Bovec, ©Jošt Gantar

Stage No. 25 of the Alpe Adria Trail: Bovec - Drežnica (Kobarid)

A large part of this picturesque stage runs along the left bank of the River Soča, before turning away from the river towards the end of this stage. The route then leads up to the delightful village of Drežnica near Kobarid.

Difficulty: moderate
Distance: 22,5 km
Ascent: 526 m
Descent: 442 m
Duration: 7:45 h
Lowest point: 313 m
Highest point: 541 m


Dolina_Soce_Alpe-Adria-Trail_Jost_Gantar.jpgAlpe Adria Trail, Soča Valley, Slovenia, ©Jošt Gantar

Stage No. 26 of the Alpe Adria Trail: Drežnica (Kobarid) - Tolmin

This stage is steeped in history – on former military paths and across the Alpine meadows of the Triglav National Park – and combines memories of the First World War with the traditional way of life of the inhabitants of this region. At the end of this stretch, the route descends again to the River Soča, before reaching the town of Tolmin in the evening.

Difficulty: difficult
Distance: 21,2 km
Ascent: 751 m
Descent: 1088 m
Duration: 8:15 h
Lowest point: 158 m
Highest point: 1238 m


Kolovrat_Hiking_Jost_Gantar.jpgOutdoor Museum Kolovrat, The Walk of Peace, ©Jošt Gantar

Stage No. 27 of the Alpe Adria Trail: Tolmin - Tribil di Sopra (Stregna)

On this “peace stage” you will cross the border between Slovenia and Italy. Your route takes you past valleys, rolling hills, an open air museum and a castle, and you will walk on paths which have written history.

Difficulty: moderate
Distance: 19,5 km
Ascent: 1308 m
Descent: 879 m
Duration: 6:15 h
Lowest point: 156 m
Highest point: 1103 m




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