From the glacier to the sea – hiking in the Garden of Eden.

Have you ever wondered how it would be to you visit the glacier and the sea in only one journey? Alpe Adria Trail makes this possible! You will discover three beautiful countries with their pristine nature and three completely different cultures. First the hike will take you past the lakes of Austrian Carinthia, then through the valley of the emerald Soča River and you will conclude the journey in the port town Muggia in the Italian Karst. Trust us – it will be a journey to remember!

Alpe Adria Trail project has received several awards, including by the biggest travel magazines, such as National Geographic Traveller.

On this page you can choose and book your own personal experience on Alpe Adria Trail.

Alpe Adria Trail, with its 43 stages and 750 kilometres, connects three regions: Austrian Carinthia, Slovenia and Friuli Venezia Giulia. The hiking trail takes you from the base of the highest Austrian mountain Großglockner, amidst mountains and lakes, past the meeting point of three countries – Austria, Slovenia and Italy – through the emerald Soča Valley and the wine-growing country of Goriška brda. The trail concludes at the Adriatic Coast in the town Muggia.





Optimal Time to Travel

The best time to hike on the Slovenian part of Alpe Adria Trail is between April and until the end of October. When the weather conditions are favourable, the season can be extended also to March and November.

The Italian part of the trail from Cividale to Muggia can be visited any time of the year, as there is rarely any snow in this region due to its moderate climate.

In the spring months (March, April, May) the Vršič Pass (stage 23) and the Solarij Pass (stage 27) may still have some snow, so we can arrange a transfer to the next stage if you want to avoid such conditions. The rest of the stages offer you a unique hiking experience through a pristine and blooming nature at this time of the year.

In the summer months (June, July, August) parts of the trail in the mountains are more pleasant than the parts in the valley and by the coast. In the summer, we recommend you to walk the Austrian part of the trail, the Slovenian Alpine and Prealpine stages, and finish in Italy somewhere around Cormons.

The autumn colours will shed a completely new light on the trail. In this time of the year (September, October, November) the nature boasts warm colours, which we cannot help but watch in awe. When the weather is pleasant enough for an outdoor adventure, we invite you to experience the trail in the autumn months.

In winter (December, January, February), we suggest avoiding the stages up to Cividale due to low temperatures and possible snow. However, the stages from Cividale on are much more pleasant, because of the milder climate. The trail takes you to the Italian Coast, where you can even dive into the sea if you are brave enough!



The difficulty of Alpe Adria Trail ranges from easy to medium and is technically not too demanding. No parts of the trail are marked as very difficult or dangerous. All you need is a bit of caution and the ability to hike on the rocky terrains.

Each stage is marked as easy, medium of difficult, depending on the distance and altitude one needs to overcome. In the first stages of the Slovenian part, the trail sometimes takes you up to 1200 metres above the sea level, so you need to be physically fit enough. After Cividale the landscape is flatter, the ascents are shorter, and these stages are accordingly marked as easy or medium.

It is highly recommended that before starting Alpe Adria Trail, you are physically prepared for the trail you are planning to walk. You should be able to walk the stages of 25 kilometres of length, which take up to 8 hours of hike.

Alpe Adria Trail is primarily not meant for children. Still, by choosing the appropriate season and stages the children can participate as well.

You can find more details on each stage on this link.



In order to hike on Alpe Adria Trail you need the hiking equipment. You should choose appropriate hiking shoes and wear them out before starting the trail. When hiking on the trail, you need a backpack that is big enough to carry enough water for the duration of the whole stage. Even though you can refill water or buy drinks on some parts of the hike, this is not possible on all stages. However, it is possible to get some water at the end and the beginning of each stage. The same applies for the food. It is recommended that you carry a small pack of first aid in your backpack, as well as some extra clothes that you might need during the hike. Some stages have high altitude differences, so the walking poles are also recommended.

Hint: For easier and more pleasant hiking experience, you do not have to carry all your things with you every day. We can arrange a daily luggage transfers to your next accommodation.


Accommodation Categories

On the Slovenian and Italian parts of the trail, we can offer you the following accommodations:

piktogram_AAT_classic.jpg piktogram_AAT_comfort.jpg
Classic Comfort
Two- or three-star accommodation. The accommodation is in a hotel or a pension. Four-star accommodation. Some accommodations also include the spa offer. This kind of accommodation is not available on all stages.


Catering Options

The accommodations offer the following services:

piktogram_Zajtrk_AAT.JPG piktogram_AAT_restavracija.JPG
Bed and breakfast Half board
Rich self-service breakfast or table service. Breakfast and dinner (usually three-course dinner)

We ask you to state your dietary restrictions (vegetarian or vegan menu, food allergies or intolerances etc.) in the comment section. We will do our best to prepare the menus according to your wishes.


Mobility service

piktogram_AAT_prevoz_pritljage.JPG piktogram_AAT_shuttle.JPG piktogram_AAT_shuttle.JPG
Luggage transfers Transfer to the starting point Additional transfers

For a more care-free journey we can, in addition to accommodation, also arrange the luggage transfers between your accommodations and person transfers. If you are looking for a more pleasant and enjoyable hiking experience, you can order your own luggage transfer (one piece per person, up to 20 kilograms).

Transfer to the starting point or to the destination of your choice: you can choose the transfer to take you from the end of your hike back to your starting point. We can also arrange the transfer to a destination of your choice, for example to the bus or train station, airport and other.

Additional transfers: if you decide you want to skip a certain part of the trail or even the whole stage (in case a certain part of the hike is not suitable or interesting for you, in case of illness, minor injuries, tiredness, etc.) and you wish to take a transfer to your next accommodation, we can help you with that. Contact our AAT Booking Center Slovenia and we will help you find the transfer to the desired destination. There is an extra charge for the transfer.



We are available for you every day during the time of your travel, so that your hike can run as smoothly and effortlessly as possible.

The call center: during your hike you can call every day between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. in case of emergency.

Information on your hike: after choosing and booking the package you will receive information on accommodations and other service that you will use in the time of your travel.


Arriving at Alpe Adria Trail

You can arrive to Alpe Adria Trail by various means of transport and from various directions (the tickets are not included in the price):

By car: You can park at the beginning of each stage. The parking spaces are mostly free of charge and not secured (parking is at your own risk). After the end of the hike you can use our transfer service to return to your starting point and to your car.

By train: Depending on where you will start your hike, you can choose between the train stations Villach, Jesenice, Most na Soči, Cividale, Cormons, Prosecco and Trieste. From some of these train stations you can take a bus or book our transfer to take you the starting point of the trail.

By plane: We suggest you use the airports in the vicinity, for example Ljubljana, Trieste, Klagenfurt or Venice.


Partner Establishments

Our booking center collaborates with partners that guarantee to offer the best possible service, answer your questions and greet you into a welcoming atmosphere. The offer includes different accommodations, varying from four-star accommodation, with included spa offer, to more simple bed and breakfast. All service providers put a lot of effort into the development of Alpe Adria Trail.


Terms and Conditions

General conditions and instructions for travel arrangements.


Informacije in rezervacije

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