Dolina Soče

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European Long Distance Path E7

Step onto a trail that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Black Sea. Let the part of the trail from historical Kobarid to the dreamy pastures and sights in the surroundings of Tolmin enchant you.

European Long Distance Path E7 crosses Slovenia in the west to east direction. The entry point of the trail is the Robič border crossing in the Soča Valley, from where the trail crosses the Loka and the Polhov Gradec Hills, directs itself towards Lower Carniola and then continues to Pannonian Slovenia and Hungary.

  • walking time across Slovenia: 30 days,
  • trail length in Slovenia: approximately 600 km (a total of 4,330 km)
  • trail difficulty level: medium to easy marked trail
  • mark: yellow circle with a red border and the label E7
  • 42 control points

European Long Distance Path E7 in the Soča Valley and the sights on the way

The trail in the Soča Valley lies partially on asphalt roads and partially on forest, alpine and bridle paths, as well as old military roads, which bear witness to years of fighting and dark eras in the Soča Valley. Interesting points and stops:

  • The Robič border crossing, the crystal clear Nadiža River with arranged bathing areas;
  • Kobarid, a historical town with an incredible museum about the heritage of the First World War;
  • Napoleon Bridge over the Soča River;
  • Gregorčič's educational path, Vrsno, Krn village;
  • the still active Pretovč mountain pasture with an incredible view over the Soča Valley;
  • descent towards the famous Javorca Memorial Church;
  • the festival town of Tolmin, fantastic natural wonder of the Tolmin Gorges;
  • Tolminske Ravne and Razor mountain pasture,
  • Stržišče, Petrovo Brdo, Porezen.

European Long Distance Path E7 - INTERACTIVE MAP OF SECTIONS

European Long Distance Path E7 - INFORMATION

Kommission for European Footpaths in Slovenia
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