The E7 European long distance path

The E7 European long distance path crosses the valley crosswise from the river Nadiža to Baška grapa Valley.

The E7 European Long Distance Path crosses Slovenia in the direction West – East and takes about 30 days. The path continues in Hungary.

The sign of the E7 European Long Distance Path is a yellow circle with a red border and a label E7.

The path enters Slovenia at Robič Border Crossing, uses byways to reach Kobarid (Pot po Kobariškem blatu – “The Kobarid Muddy Trail”), continues to the River Soča and then uses Gregorčič's Educational Trail to Vrsno. Then it climbs the Mrzli vrh (outdoor museum) and Planina Pretovč.

After that there is a descent to Javorca and Tolmin, and then the path goes back to Tolmin Gorges and Čadrg, Tolminske Ravne and Razor Mountain Pasture. From the mountain pasture, the path continues on the old bridle path to the village of Stržišče and Petrovo Brdo. After that it goes to Porezen.

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