Hiking safety instructions in the Soča Valley

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Make sure you are safe in the mountains and hike accompanied by a guide.

Check the weather forecast and other conditions along your route. Judge your physical and mental condition carefully. Don't forget to bring the recommended equipment, e.g.:

Wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Remember to take some food.

Emergency call number: 112


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We recommend using the mobile app maPZS, which makes it easier to plan and carry out trips along many Slovenian mountain trails. Data has been collected on more than 10,000 kilometers of marked mountain trails maintained by 215 Slovenian mountaineering societies.

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Service providers

Alenka Lužnik, mountain leader

Krn 24, 5222 Kobarid

M: 051 387 864



Mountain Guide Robert Rot

Brdo 8, 5230 Bovec

M: 031 460 474



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