Public transport

Bus and train schedules:



Airport Jože Pučnik Ljubljana 110 km 106 km 90 km
Airport Friuli Venezia Giulia - Ronchi, Triste 86 km 64 km 73 km
Venice - Marco Polo 178 km 164 km 175 km
Venice - Treviso 181 km 167 km 177 km
Airport Klagenfurt 99 km 120 km 135 km
Airport Edvard Rusjan Maribor 280 km 260 km 244 km


A Vignette must be purchased to be able to drive on the motorways. You may find one at any petrol station in Slovenia.

Tourist transport in the season

Bus over the Vršič pass

We are very pleased to announce that the municipalities of Kranjska Gora and Bovec have reached an agreement on co-financing the daily bus line from Bovec, via Vršič to Kranjska Gora also for the months of June and September.

For the first time, bus will start to drive daily on June 1st, 2018 and end on September 30th, 2018.
The timetables can be found on the following link

Bus over Tarvisio, across the Predel pass

We are also happy to announce the launch of a completely new seasonal bus line from Ljubljana, via Trbiž and Log pod Mangartom to Bovec. The line is adjusted for tourists who come (or leave) to and from Bovec from the railway station Trbiž Boscoverde, as well as tourists, mountaineers and hikers from Slovenia who would like to spend some hours in Trbiž or the Valley of Soča river.

Schedule for the bus line Ljubljana-Kranjska Gora-Tarvisio-Cave del Predil-Bovec

departure bus stations/bus stops arrival
7.30 Ljubljana 18.17
8.10 Kranj 17.39
9.28 Kranjska Gora 16.18
9.32 Podkoren 16.14
9.36 Rateče 16.10
9.45 Rateče MP 16.05
10.02 Tarvisio Boscoverde Train Station 15.48
10.15 Tarvisio Boscoverde Train Station 15.48
10.21 Tarvisio Bus Station in the centre 15.42
10.31 Cave del Predil centre 15.32
10.37 Cave del Predil lake 15.26
10.51 Strmec na Predelu 15.12
11.02 Log pod Mangartom 15.01
11.12 Bovšič - Kluže 14.51
11.18 Bovec 14.45

This line runs on weekdays from Monday to Saturday, from 26.6.18 to 31.8.18.

Hop-On Hop-Off KOBARID

every day / from 1. 7. till 1. 9. 2019

  • Kobarid - Vrsno - Planina Kuhinja - Kobarid
  • Kobarid - Drežnica - Magozd - Kobarid
  • Kobarid - Jevšček - Kolovrat - Kobarid
  • Kobarid - Svino - Robič MP - Kobarid
  • Kobarid - Robič - Podbela - Robidišče - Breginj - Kobarid

Just like every summer, the “Hop-On Hop-Off KOBARID” bus drives around the Kobarid region and connects the centre of Kobarid with rural areas, remote tourist destinations, bathing areas of the Nadiža river and starting points for hiking and cycling trips.

The bus drives every day between 1 July and 1 September 2019. The price of a daily ticket is EUR 1.00, whereas children under 15 can ride the bus for free. The bus provides free bicycle transportation. 

See the bus schedule with the map and support sustainable living by taking a bus.

In the summer, take a refreshing swim in the Nadiža river. We recommend using the Hop-On Hop-Off KOBARID bus to access the river.

Departures from the centre of Kobarid to the Nadiža river are at: 10:45 AM, 12:39 PM and 4:35 PM.

Returns from the Robič bathing area to Kobarid are at: 12:09 PM, 12:54 PM and 6:31 PM.

Benečija up and down

every Saturday / from 23. 6. till 1. 9. 2018

  • Cividale – San Pietro al Natisone – Kobarid – Lusevera - Prossenicco – Montefosca – Robič – Cividale

Shuttle Bus Tolmin Gorges

during holidays around the first of May / from 27. 4. till 5. 5. 2019
every day / from 29. 6. till 1. 9. 2019

The minibus will depart from the big parking lot opposite the Brajda sports park in Tolmin every hour between 10 am and 4 pm, and will return from the parking lot in Tolmin Gorge ten minutes after each full hour.

Shuttle Bus Javorca

every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday / from 1.7. till 2. 9. 2018
every Tuesday, Thursday / from 22. 7. till 23. 8. 2018
15. 8.