Prestreljeniško okno

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The spectacular natural window in the Kanin high mountain range is 10 metres x 7.5 metres and reveals incredible views of the wide Alpine world. 

The Kanin mountain range, with increasingly more activity even in summer when the Kanin ski slope is closed, is a popular spot for hikers, explorers of nature and those who are made happy by this "mountain of adventures" with its astonishing view and good lunch in a high mountain restaurant. Do you want to visit a slightly cooler world during hot summer? Visit Prestreljeniško okno (2,390 m) and you will savour the high mountain freshness and the natural beauties of the Karst world.


Prestreljeniško okno - Adrenaline Park - Via Ferrata

Hikers can see Prestreljeniško okno on a marked alpine route or head on a slightly more exciting adventure. The first protected climbing route for families in Slovenia provides excellent access for those who want to test themselves in high mountain techniques, while at the same time discover the Karst world from up close, alpine flowers, fossils and chamois, which every now and then peek out of their rocky hiding places.

The Via Ferrata on Kanin is well protected and of easy difficulty. Prior knowledge and adequate safety equipment, which can be borrowed from the restaurant, are mandatory for independent use. You can arrange an organised guided tour for announced groups. The climbing route is suitable for children above 10 years of age.


Do you know how Prestreljeniško okno was created?

Prestreljeniško okno is an incredible natural sight that emerged at the Slovenian-Italian border with the decay of the rocky arch on the Prestreljenik mountain (2,499 m). So say the geologists, though the legend tells a slightly different story:

"Saint Mary and the Devil were heading towards Sveta gora. The Devil chose the way that seemed shorter to him. They made a bet who would to reach journey’s end first. On Kanin, the Devil ran into Prestreljenik's wall, which was too high. He bashed it violently and made a large hole. Then he continued his way across Stol, Mija and Matajur. However, when he reached the end, Marija had already been waiting there for some time."

The geologists tell a slightly different story about the Prestreljenik window. Prestreljeniško okno is an incredible natural sight that emerged with the decay of the rocky arch on the Prestreljenik mountain (2,499 m).


Prestreljeniško okno - ACCESS

The Circular cabin cableway Kanin leads to the D station. After some 100 metres of alpine path, which leads to Visoki Kanin above Veliki graben, the route branches off to the right, towards the window (walking time: 40 minutes). If you visit Prestreljeniško okno by via ferrata, go right at the Sedlo cableway or arrange transport with the cableway, which will save you some knee biting.

Prestreljeniško okno

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