The Small Soča Gorge

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Directly before the confluence with the Vrsnica stream, the Soča River carved the approximately 100 metres long Small Soča Gorge, which is up to 6 metres deep and only 1 meter wide in the narrowest part.

Another natural attraction, signed by the Alpine beauty of the Soča River, adorns the remote Trenta Valley. Somewhat more modest than the Great Soča Gorge, yet still wonderful and worth stopping for. There is a tourist farm nearby with tasty homemade food and a camp to which the Small Soča Gorge adds a piece to the mosaic of this idyllic location. Sporting activities are not allowed in this part of the Soča River.


The Small Soča Gorge - ACCESS

There is a parking area on the Bovec-Vršič regional road, at the exit for Vrsnik and Vas na Skali. You can also admire the Small Soča Gorge on foot, as a part of the Soča Trail and Alpe Adria Trail. They can be seen well from the stony bridge over the river. 

The Small Soča Gorge

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