The Šunik water grove

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The Lepenjica Stream has carved gorges about 100 metres long and up to 10 metres deep with colourful green pools right before the confluence with the Šuik Stream. If you like to listen to the roaring and humming of the water, then the Šunik Water Grove is an excellent place for relaxation. Take a moment for yourself while listening to the loud melody of the water, which echoes in the shelter of woods, and drink in the scenery of the moss covered rocks.

This relaxing corner of water energies in the middle of the pristine nature of the Triglav National Park is an excellent idea for a nature trip.

Look into the magical waterfalls, which are rich with water in spring, while in summer, they fall somewhat more leisurely and create the most beautiful crystal clear pools. On your way, you will also encounter the remains of an old mill and the ruins of a sawmill from the previous century.

The Šunik Water Grove, a treasure of nature, which is said to have healing properties

The energy-rich area is supposed to have beneficial effects on health and well-being according to some people, and even to ease various states of pain and illness. The healing properties of water are supposed to originate from the fact that our emotional system, which is in harmony with water, can at any moment recall a piece of information that is beneficial for the health of a human being as a whole, from drops of water.

This area is not suitable for bathing.

The Šunik Water Grove – ACCESS

The Šunik Water Grove, which was an undiscovered pearl of nature just a decade ago, is one of the most visited tourist spots in the Lepena Valley today. An undemanding marked route will take you to the Šunik Water Grove. There are two versions of the route. If you prefer long walks, go on a 3 km circular path with the starting point near camp Klin. The shorter path starts on the road, further on, next to the sign for the Šunik Water Grove.

After rain, the area is incredibly slippery, so caution needs to be taken.

The Šunik water grove

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