The Idrijca river

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The Idrijca River is of important natural value and belongs to the Natura 2000 area. 

Next to the Idrijca river, which has several deep pools and gorges in its flow, there are two arranged bathing areas in the vicinity of two villages: Slap ob Idrijci and Bača pri Modreju. 

Due to the deep water, which occasionally exceeds the depth of five metres, the natural bathing area near Slap ob Idrijci is among the most popular of its kind in the Soča Valley. The locals have arranged a beach and access to the water along the pool, where the water temperature can reach up to 22°C in the summer.

We recommend limiting the use of cars and trying to remain patient due to the lack of parking spaces available.

The bathing area just before the confluence of Idrijca and Bača is also offering some refreshment. It is characterised by its vast gravel deposit and the famous stone bridge of the Bohinj railway, underneath which the access and the parking lot have been arranged.

Idrija pri Bači, kopališče

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The Idrijca River – INFORMATION

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