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Take the train to the old times of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and indulge in a nostalgic ride adorned with the beautiful alpine landscape.

Head on a journey in a train that had already carried the local ancestors. The puffing steam locomotive that leads the museum train on the more than one hundred years old Bohinj railway, the emerald green Soča River and the fun animation programme with joyful melodies of the accordion offer a special experience of the past, which is an excellent idea for a trip with family or friends.

Take the Museum Train to a Culinary Adventure

If you are attracted both by history and by pampering your taste buds, you can decide on a culinary journey with the museum train and enjoy the exciting views over good local cuisine in one of the wagons, which has been transformed into a small and simple travelling restaurant. The tempting taste of homemade treats can be upgraded with a bus trip to Goriška Brda, where you can view the wine cellars and enjoy tasting high-quality wines.

Museum Train – SCHEDULE

The museum train unfortunately will not run in 2024.

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