Tonovcov Grad Hill

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An archaeological site, a late antique fortified elevated settlement with an incredible naturally protected location on a rocky hill above the Soča River.

Tonovcov grad (Tonovec Castle) (412 m), which was already settled in the Stone Age and Iron Age, experienced its greatest prosperity between the 4th and the 6th century AD. At the end of the 5th century, a settlement with over twenty houses and several churches was built on the hilltop. The excellently preserved building remains and the rich findings rank Tonovcov grad among the most important late antique hilltop settlements in the Eastern Alps.

An interesting tourist spot, where numerous stories of the past are written, is part of the Kobarid Historical Trail. Along the path, you will also find the remains of the First and Second World Wars, which have partially covered or destroyed some of the original late antique buildings.

Kobarid, Tonocov grad

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Tonovcov grad (Tonovec Castle) – ACCESS

There is a small parking area approximately 2 km from Kobarid, next to the Kobarid-Bovec road. On the left side of the road is a small signpost, which will direct you to the steep stairs and the trail that leads to Tonovcov grad (Tonovec Castle).

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