Kozlov rob Castle

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Kozlov rob, which the locals like to call Grad (Castle), is of incredible cultural-historical importance and a popular recreation spot in the Tolmin basin. If you want to combine a bit of exercise with discovering history, step onto a trail that uncovers the periods of the Tolminsko from the 12th century onwards.

A dome-shaped hill with a beautiful view over Tolmin and a castle building from the 12th century.

The castle building, which was first mentioned in the 12th century, was owned by the patriarchs of Aquileia, the counts of Gorizia, inhabitants of Cividale del Friuli, Venetians and Habsburgs. Because the castle, now declared a cultural monument, changed owners many times through the centuries, its architectural image changed too, particularly after the major earthquakes of 1348 and 1511. It was last renovated by the Dornbergs in 1608.

In the second half of the 17th century, under the rule of the Coronini family, the castle was abandoned. The owners moved to a new building in Tolmin, where Tolmin Museum stands today. The castle ruins have been in the process of gradual renovation for the past few years. A part of the castle wall and St Martin’s chapel have already been renovated.

The history and natural history educational path lies on the southern slope of Kozlov rob and presents the flora, the structure of the forest ground and rocks, as well as interesting historical events at fourteen points.

The Path to Kozlov rob

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Tolmin, Kozlov rob

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