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The wild nature of the valleys of Triglav National Park and views on the snowy Julian Alps offer an unforgettable “retro” escape from the mad world.

Snowshoe hiking is a favourite method of exploring the isolated winter landscape. The wooden snowshoes used by our ancestors for winter hunting, forestry and military expeditions have been replaced by plastic snowshoes, an almost indispensable piece of winter sporting equipment. Today you may put on the “big shoes” as well and head for the snow shoe walks at day or at night, where the magic is additionally spiced up with the views of the starry sky.

The Soča Valley Is Hiding the Most Beautiful Corners for Snow Shoe Walks

In the Soča Valley there are numerous possibilities for snow shoe walks. Magical valleys, snow-covered fields, white meadows and forest trails can be found at practically every step. You will be enthused by the magical Trenta, the idyllic Log pod Mangartom and the unique Šentviška planota. Check the possibilities for snow shoe and winter hiking trips (connection to the winter hiking tours).

Always respect the rules of activities in nature when you head to Triglav National Park.

Snow Shoe Walking Is Excellent Winter Recreation for All Generations

Entertaining walks on the snow, for which you need a pair of snow shoes, appropriate winter footwear, snow, warm clothes and a headlight in the night, is an excellent idea for a winter family trip. If you are looking for romantic adventure, seek for the freedom for two: winter snow shoe walks with full moon and shooting stars will make at least one of your wishes come true.

Decide for Safe and Guided Snow Shoe Walks

Some sports agencies in the Soča Valley organise guided daytime and night-time trips with snow shoes. Guides know the most beautiful corners of nature in winter, therefore you do not have to worry about safety and orientation in the white vastness. They will give you all the necessary equipment for snow shoe walks and a guide. They will also assure you that the trip is safe.

If you should decide for independent snow shoe walks, check weather and snow conditions and the possibility of avalanches.

Some sports companies in Bovec organise guided day and night snowshoe hikes. They provide the necessary equipment and a guide and make sure that the hikers are safe.

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