Dolina Soče

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Lake at Most na Soči

Most na Soči famous for its beautiful lake and the walkways around it.

Due to the nearby Doblar Hydro Plant, the basins of the river were entirely inundated and below the settlement the vast accumulation lake was formed, which now attracts both fishermen and visitors, who can stroll along well-kept, panoramic and none too demanding paths. 

The principal natural adornment of Most na Soči is its lake. Although artificial, it is of the same unique colour as mysterious Soča. To the town it bestows an atmosphere of tranquillity and softness and offers plenty of opportunities for recreation.

Activities near / on the lake

  • The energy trail
  • The cultural and historical trail of Most na Soči
  • Lucija boat
  • flayfishing
  • kayak, canoe
  • SUP.