Giro_Kobarid_2022FOTO-Ziga_Koren-.jpgGiro_Kobarid_2022FOTO-Ziga_Koren-, ©Žiga Koren

26. 5. 2023 

On 17 June, the Green Ribbon of the Tour of Slovenia will be intertwined with the Kobariški sejem fair

Kobarid will once again host the traditional Kobarid Fair, which, in addition to an interesting fair offer, will also feature a varied accompanying programme coinciding with the finish of the 4th stage of the Tour of Slovenia in Kobarid. The action will start on Friday 16 June at 17:30 on the asphalt court in Kobarid, where the teams of the 6th round of the Nba Tmin basketball league will compete. The day will end with a concert by Johnny Bravo. On both Friday and Saturday, the action will be accompanied by a catering offer from K burger. On Saturday 17 June, the fair will come to life at 12 noon, when the stalls will start offering local and less local products and produce. The accompanying events will take place on two stages in the very centre of Kobarid. The first part, dedicated to the events of the Tour of Slovenia, will take place from 12:00 to 16:00 on the stage in the Trg svobode (blue zone). At 16.00 we will move to the stage just a few dozen metres away (the event area), where we will be visited by dancers from the Simon Gregorčič Kobarid Primary School dance group, the juggling and fire juggling group Čupakabra and the drama group of theFolklorna skupina Razor at the Kobarid Fair. The interesting events will be intertwined with the Summer Museum Night at the Kobarid Museum. The fair day will end with a concert by the Cherry Wine band.



Giro d'Italia 2022 • KolovratGiro d'Italia 2022 • Kolovrat, ©Nino Verdnik

18. 5. 2023 

Follow and tag @TourOfSlovenia  

All those who want to spread the news about the end of stage 4 of the Tour of Slovenia are invited to tag @TourOfSlovenia (Facebook, Twitter), @tourofsloveniaofficial (Instagram) and the destination @socavalley when communicating.



Preparations for Giro d'Italia 2022 • Kobarid&GiroPreparations for Giro d'Italia 2022 • Kobarid&Giro, ©Žiga Koren

17. 5. 2023

Invitation to fans of the Tour of Slovenia

"Our" stage 4 is described by the organisers of the Tour of Slovenia as very interesting and energetic. The demanding climb up Kolovrat, which the cyclists will ride twice this year, will offer, in addition to the finish in Kobarid, the opportunity to greet the cyclists in the Soča Valley in the spirit of sports fans, which, after last year's visit to the Giro d'Italia in the Soča Valley, we can say is certainly not lacking. We therefore invite you to join us in welcoming the cyclists at the Tour of Slovenia. 

If you would be willing to take part, please let us know how we can get in touch. Send your ideas to: to be implemented independently.



Giro d'Italia 2022 • KolovratGiro d'Italia 2022 • Kolovrat, ©Nino Verdnik


10. 5. 2023

The Tour of Slovenia comes to the Soča Valley

In just one more month, Slovenia will be full of cycling for the 30th Tour of Slovenia. We are looking forward to it, because the 4th stage of the Tour of Slovenia passes through the municipality of Tolmin and finishes in the municipality of Kobarid. The Soča Valley will be part of the royal Ljubljana-Kobarid stage on Saturday, 17 June. The highlight of the race will be the double climb to Kolovrat.