Ski touring in the Soča Valley

The Soča Valley, which is situated between the mighty Julian Alps, is an excellent starting point for off-piste skiing. Walking with skis on the lonely snow-covered terrains and skiing on the untouched white slopes and mountains are the two things that every off-piste skier wishes for.

The Soča Valley is attractive both for off-piste skiers, who are still getting to know this sport and experienced off-piste skiing masters.

Easier tours in Soča Valley:

  • Mt. Stol,
  • Čisti vrh,
  • Matajur,
  • Mangart saddle

Ski touring classics in Soča Valley:

  • Mojstrovka,
  • Sleme,
  • ridge of Mt. Krn (south sites such as the Krn lake area)

Demanding tours in Soča Valley:

  • a tour through Mlinarica,
  • Špička,
  • through the remote valley of Bala

Not many people know that the most beautiful descent from the summit Kanjavec, the most famous Slovenian Ski mountaineering mountain, right in the valley of the Zadnjica in Bovec side.

Interesting Fact: Each year the tour skiing competition Sci Alpinistica takes place on the Italian side of Kanin – Sella Nevea Ski Resort.

The Lodge Next to Krn Lakes is Open in Winter Too

In March and April is expected to open hut by the Krn lakes (contact PD Nova Gorica: 00386 5 30 23 030), which opens wide possibilities of ski touring in the area of Krn, Komna, Triglav lakes all the way to the southern Bohinj mountains.

Tour skiing Should Be Safe

When visiting the mountains, it is recommended that you hire a qualified guide and use the right equipment. Local guides, who know the terrain well, will help you evaluate which tour skiing tour is right for you.

As conditions in the mountains can change rapidly, please pay special attention to the weather forecast, the risk of avalanches and sunshine in the spring months, but above all do not overestimate your skills and abilities. Always head to the mountains well equipped.

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On the Razor Mountain pasture

by Ksenija Vogrinc

Back-country skiing | difficult

Mt. Rušnati vrh (1915 m), a stubby summit above the Razor Mountain pasture

9.2 km

1019 m

4:02 h

1019 m

On the Mangart Mountain pasture

by Ksenija Vogrinc

Back-country skiing | difficult

Mangart Mountain pass (2072 m) – spring skiing beneath the mighty mountain

10.5 km

991 m

3:45 h

991 m

From Mt. Prestreljenik to the Velika Črnelska špica peak and the foothills of Mt. Rombon

by Darjo Berra

Back-country skiing | moderate

Ski touring on the Rombonski podi Plateau

13.0 km

520 m

6:00 h

2215 m

Mt. Meja rising behind the ridge which also leads towards Mt. Rušnati vrh

by Ksenija Vogrinc

Back-country skiing | difficult

Mt. Meja (1996 m)

9.6 km

1091 m

4:08 h

1091 m

On the razor Mountain pasture

by Ksenija Vogrinc

Roadmen house

by Ksenija Vogrinc

Back-country skiing | difficult

Mt. Mali Razor (2191 m) – a little-known summit between Mt. Prisojnik and Mt. Razor

6.1 km

967 m

2:24 h

968 m

Along the snowless terrain to the first patch of snow

by Ksenija Vogrinc

Back-country skiing | difficult

Mt. Krn (2244 m), a ski touring destination that rarely disappoints

10.3 km

1247 m

4:31 h

1247 m

Signs at the parking lot above the village of Avsa

by Ksenija Vogrinc

Back-country skiing | moderate

Peaceful tour from Avsa to Mt. Matajur (1642 m) and Mt. Mrzli vrh (1358 m)

11.3 km

852 m

2:53 h

852 m

Chapel of the Christ the Redeemer on the top

by Janko Humar

Back-country skiing | moderate

Mt. Matajur (1642 m), ski touring to the Italian side of the mountain

7.4 km

656 m

2:00 h

645 m

On the shady side along the riverbed of the Mlinarica Stream

by Ksenija Vogrinc

Back-country skiing | difficult

Mt. Turn pod Razorjem (2348 m) – a skiing pearl in the Mlinarica Valley

7.2 km

1043 m

2:30 h

1043 m

Morning in Tolminske Ravne

by Janko Humar

Back-country skiing | moderate

Globoko Mountain pass and Mt. Rušnati vrh (1915 m)

10.8 km

1164 m

3:13 h

1189 m



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