Water sports

The Soča Valley is an important European tourist centre of water sports. Over 30 sports agencies have been safely leading visitors to the playful rapids of the River Soča for years.

The River Soča is an incredible terrain for various water sports, whereas the pools and the calmer parts of the river offer possibilities for relaxation and fishing. In the Soča Valley, there are over 30 sports agencies with trained and experienced guides, who have been safely guiding visitors to the River Soča and its tributaries for many years. 

Water sports in the Soča Valley

  • kayak,
  • rafting
  • canyoning, 
  • fishing,
  • other water activities (SUP, sit on top, bellyak, canoe, hydrospeed).

You need a permit to navigate the river independently... 

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Map of Soča River


... or to go Flyfishing

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