Takeoff spots above Bovec

Popular paragliding take-off spots around the Bovec area are Mangrtsko sedlo and Kanin (C station).


Take-Off Mangart Saddle

altitude: 1.990 m
description: A picturesque take-off spot with magnificent panoramic views of the Julian Alps; accessible by car.
suitable winds: SW, S, SE, E, W

  • risk of strong valley winds;
  • the landing spot in Log pod Mangartom is situated on private property, so parachutes must be folded on the roadside.

restrictions: 2.900 m above ground
GPSN 46°26.00′ / E 13°38.43′

Paragliding association Kanin map & info


Take-Off Skripi (Kanin)

altitude: 1.717 m
description: You can access the launch by Kanin cable car. From Mt. Kanin it is possible to fly towards the waterfall Boka and continue towards Tolmin
suitable winds: SE-SW
warnings: Respect the airport zone!
restrictions: 2.900 m above ground
GPSN 46°21’14.55” / E 13°29’19.99”

Paragliding association Kanin map & info


Take-Off Planja

altitude: 1.070 m
description: You can access the launch by hiking from the valley or by hiking from the B station of Kanin cable car.
suitable winds: S-SW
warnings: Respect the airport zone!
restrictions: 2.900 m above ground
GPSN 46°20.99′ / E 13°31.19′

Paragliding association Kanin map & info


Landing place Bovec- Breg

location: Bovec - Breg. The landing place is located on the left side of the road from the direction of Bovec towards the Predel / Trenta crossroads.
altitude: 430 m
GPS46°20'26.27"N 13°34'08.04"E
warnings: Possibility of strong valley winds. Respect the airport zone.

Paragliding association Kanin map & info


Landing place Log pod Mangartom

location: Log pod Mangartom - next to the cemetery
altitude: 630 m
GPSN 46°24.23′ / E 13°36.03′
warnings: Possibility of very strong wind lower in the valley! As the landing is located on private land, we kindly ask you to pack your equipment next to the road and not in the middle of the field. THANK YOU!

Paragliding association Kanin map & info


Flying and landing in the airport zone

is strictly prohibited due to the risk of collision with aircraft or conventional parachutes (according to the directive of the Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Slovenia)

Before every take-off notify the airport by sending an SMS to: +386 51 661 003.


More info:

Paragliding association Kanin
Brdo 70, SI-5230 Bovec

W: www.paragliding-kanin.si

Independent flights require excellent skills and a thorough knowledge of the local conditions; it is vital that you consult a flying instructor before the flight.



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    Paragliding with outstanding thermals and unforgettable panoramic views offers long cross-country flying above the Julian Alps.




Avantura Outdoor Agency

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Jadralno padalsko društvo Kanin

Brdo 70, 5230 Bovec

M: +386 (0)41 242 762


Alpe šport Vančar

Trg golobarskih žrtev 20, 5230 Bovec

M: +386 (0)41 635 893


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