Mountain climbing and sport climbing in the Soča Valley

The Julian Alps are a paradise for mountain climbers and sport climbers. There are several climbing walls with routes of varying difficulties in the Soča Valley. The difficulty level varies from easy to 8a.

Climbing routes of medium difficulty predominate, the hardest of which is currently rated as 8a.


Climbers can look for their own challenges on the high walls in the Julian Alps (some as high as 1000 metres). Climbing routes in the mountains of Tolminski Migovec and particularly at Novi vrh are in their characteristics closer to sport climbing than to the alpine one: easy access, warm south-facing rock walls and short routes (up to 150 m) offer enjoyable adventures, which could hardly be compared to severe conditions on vast north-facing walls.


It is recommended that you tackle a climbing wall in the company of a mountain climbing instructor. You can also attend a mountain climbing course, which gives participants the basic knowledge for safe climbing.


    Rock and wall climbing - Emerald trail

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    Sport climbing.

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