Natural swimming pools in the Soča Valley

Are you ready for summer refreshment? In the hot summer months, the river banks of the Soča Valley are full of those who seek summer refreshment, who lie around during their vacation and enjoy the fresh Alpine air, enriched with a touch of the sub-Mediterranean.

The most popular natural bathing areas and swimming areas are next to the Nadiža, Soča and Idrijca rivers.

Children will be excited about splashing in the pools of the warm Nadiža and Idrijca rivers, whereas the bookworms and seekers of relaxation will love the shade and the bubbling of the water. Active explorers will be excited about cooling themselves after their sport activities.

We recommend you to appropriately judge your swimming abilities, to protect yourself from the strong summer sun and to look for current information about the water conditions. Swimming is allowed only on water surfaces that are intended for swimming.