Dolina Soče

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Cycling tour to Vršič

Climbing the Vršič Pass, the highest mountain pass in Slovenia, is a very demanding and yet popular biking trail, characterised as one of the classic biking trails in the Bovec area.

Description: Bovec–Trenta–Vršič

The tour starts in Bovec. At the intersection for the Predel Pass and Trenta, one should turn right for Trenta and bike past the  villages of Kal Koritnica and Soča. After 20 km, the centre of the scattered hamlets of Trenta is reached by following the right bank of the Soča River via a gently sloping road. From here, the serpentine road ascends steeply – the rewarding finale of this tour, the 1611-m-high Vršič Pass, is reached after  numerous serpentines.

The tour offers numerous natural beauties and sights along its way: the spring and the course of the Soča River with its numerous channels, the monument to Dr. Julius Kugy (the “father” of the exploration of the Trenta Valley and its mountains), the alpine botanical garden “Alpinum Juliana”, and the Triglav National Park museum in Trenta.

Length:  62,4 km
Difference in height: 1230 m
Difficulty:  very demanding cycling tour

Sights on and along the way: