Kanin cable car for hikers, climbers and alpinists

The Soča Valley boasts the tallest and mightiest peaks of the Julian Alps.

Hints for a hike:

  • See the Prestreljeniško okno (Prestreljenik Window) and the natural bridge on Kanin;
  • climb on via ferrata from Sedlo to Prestreljeniško okno (guided tour, suitable also for families)
  • meet the high mountain Karst phenomena on the Kaninsko pogorje nature trail;
  • visit the Peter Skalar Lodge (2,206 m) – currently closed, a bivouac shelter is available (you may take the keys at Kavarna caffe in Bovec)
  • choose a challenging guided tour with a mountain guide to the Visoki Kanin (High Kanin) (2,587 m),
  • choose between the hiking tours on Prestreljenik (2,499 m), Laška planja (2,448 m) and Rombon (2,208 m);
  • or alpine routes: Kanin mountains.

Kanin cable car information:

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Javni zavod Sončni Kanin
Dvor 43, 5230 Bovec

T: +386 5 917 9301


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Cableway to Mt. Kanin

by Janko Humar

Via Ferrata | easy

Family-friendly via ferrata on Mt. Kanin

1.7 km

157 m

1:03 h

157 m

Bovec Basin

by Darjo Berra

Hiking trail | moderate

Gozdec, a trip into the cool forests of Mt. Kanin

17.1 km

1746 m

7:23 h

1745 m

Mt. Vrh Laške Planje (left) and the Kaninski podi Plateau

by Darjo Berra

Mountain tour | moderate

Mt. Vrh Laške Planje (2448 m)

10.3 km

1400 m

7:09 h

1400 m

Mt. Veliki Babanski skedenj

by Darjo Berra

Mountain tour | moderate

Mt. Veliki Babanski skedenj (2117 m)

9.0 km

1947 m

6:22 h

1950 m

Wasseraufstauung Plužna

by David Štulc Zornik

Hiking trail | easy

Virje Waterfall

3.5 km

112 m

1:08 h

112 m