Kanin Cable car – A Panoramic Ride to the Mountain of Adventures

The Kanin circular cable car will take you to the height of 2,202 m, where incredible panoramic views to the Alps and the Adriatic Sea open up. 

Come for refreshing alpine air above 2,000 m, ride a mountain bike downhill, go on a hiking trip, fly a paraglider or enjoy a Kanin cream cake, which is kindly served at a restaurant in Kanin. The Kanin mountain range is intertwined with a unique high mountain Karst with numerous natural sights and complex cave system, which is why it is incredibly interesting for cavers as well.   

Kanin cable car will take you closer to the sun, so do not forget protective cream, sunglasses, appropriate shoes and warm clothes that you will need in case of sudden weather changes. 

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Kanin Cablecar - WINTER

Kanin cable car for paragliders

Do you love to feel the wind in your hair and enjoy the bird's eye-view? Add the experience and the knowledge of paragliding to that and you will definitely enjoy the flight over the Kanin Mountains:  

  • Take-off site over Station C on the altitude of 1,717 m (GPS N 46°21'14.55'' E 13º29'19.99''); 
  • Landing site in Bovec next to the petrol station on the altitude of 460 m (GPS N 46°20'26.33'' E13°34'08.61'');
  • The height difference between the take-off and the landing point: 1,257 m;
  • Flying with a paraglider is allowed to the maximum altitude of 2,895 m. 
Warning: There is a possibility of strong wind in the valley on summer afternoons or in case of strong South West wind. Bovec airport is in the vicinity. Check Kodeks prostih letalcev Slovenije (Code of Free Flyers of Slovenia) prior to the flight. 

Kanin – mountain of adventures

Kanin is also home of special adventures, which will make your heart beat considerably faster. If you would like to get a bit of adrenaline, choose one of the adventures organised by sports agencies or make a climbing effort, accompanied by an experienced guide:

  • Head on a zipline expedition, admire the nature 200 m above the ground on five steel cables of various length (500-700 m); 
  • Ride the mountain scooter and experience a 9 km long ride downhill with beautiful views over the Bovec Basin;
  • Via ferrata: Hold on to the steel cable which connects Sedlo and Prestreljeniško okno (Prestreljenik Window) and touch the rocky kingdom of Kanin.

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