Skydiving in the Soča Valley

A jump with a parachute from an aircraft (skydiving) is certainly one of the most adrenaline and unforgettable experience. Apart from tandem jumps, Skydive Camp takes place in the Bovec airfield in the summer. 


Skydiving is a real adventure for the brave and the bold ones – the aircraft takes you up to about 4,000 m altitude where you jump out in tandem with an experienced skydiver. You can enjoy a freefall for about a minute and then land safely with a parachute.

According to the statistics, skydiving is a very safe sport; so do not worry, we promise you will not regret it!

Skydiving is carried out by the company Aviofun, usually at the weekends. Dates.

We are convinced that Bovec is the most beautiful place in the world for skydiving because the skydivers and our passengers can enjoy in free fall past the nearby surrounding peaks. The airfield can be reached on foot as is situated in the immediate vicinity of Bovec in wonderful green nature and surrounded by grey and white mountains. All professional and extreme skydivers would like to come to a location like this as it enables the best possible adrenaline achievements and records. (Aviofun)

Skydive Camp Bovec

Every first week in August, the Bovec airfield and its partner Aviofun organize the Aviofun meeting Skydive Camp, hosting a large number of international skydiving enthusiasts.

There is always something happening at the Bovec airfield, while there is always also a side programme. Experienced skydivers make formations in the air, they offer panorama flights and tandem jumps several times a day.

You can follow the current happening in the event calender







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